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FAQ: What Fish Can You Catch In Cyprus?

What fish can you see in Cyprus?

You can deep sea fish The deep blue sea around Cyprus is home to big, hard-fighting game fish including barracuda, tuna, and dorado (mahi-mahi). Out of the Blue ( will take you on deep-sea adventures or family fishing trips from Paphos.

What fish are in Cyprus waters?

The main species of marine fish farmed on a commercial basis are Gilthead seabream (Sparus aurata), European seabass (Dicentrarchus labrax) and Bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus), with much smaller quantities of Sharpsnout bream (Puntazzo puntazzo), Shi drum (Umbrina cirrosa), Japanese seabream (Pagrus major) and Red porgy

What fish do they eat in Cyprus?

Barracuda and sokan are best grilled, and either full-sized grouper or its smaller cousin lagosllahoz, usually batter-fried, must be well done to be appetizing. In North Cyprus, sokan, mercan, karagoz and barbun are the best-value species. Across the island, squid and octopus are also standard budget seafood options.

What is the most dangerous fish in Cyprus?

The lionfish (also known as the turkeyfish, tigerfish, dragonfish, scorpionfish, and butterfly cod) is a poisonous spikey fish They are beautiful creatures, but they are new to the area so I thought I would explore why they have decided to visit our Cypriot coastlines.

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Is there sharks in Cyprus?

There are a number of sharks in Cyprus waters but sightings are rare as most are in deeper waters. Those sighted in recent years include the Mako, Basking and Blue sharks.

Why is there no fish in Cyprus?

The population of fish in the Mediterranean Sea surrounding Cyprus has dwindled due to a number of issues like the migration of invasive fish species, lack of nutrients in the sea and global warming.

Do I need a Licence to fish in Cyprus?

It is necessary to have a licence to fish. It is possible to buy a fishing licence online via the Web Portal of thee Republic of Cyprus. Licences can also be obtained at the fisheries department offices of the Department of Fisheries and Marine Research.

Has there been any shark attacks in Cyprus?

Cyprus has only recorded one shark attack, more than 100 years ago, on September 23, 1901 at Larnaca. Since the early 1800’s there have been a recorded 216 shark attacks along the Mediterranean’s 28,600 miles of coast.

Are there puffer fish in Cyprus?

It is assumed that the puffers entered the Mediterranean from the Red via the Suez Canal. Since then, the population has grown, and in the Cypriot waters “rabbit” is found quite often. In order to reduce the number of fish, the Cypriot government has developed a special program for fishermen.

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