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Often asked: What Is Cyprus Point Park Tampa?

Can you swim at Cypress Point?

Hillsborough County, FL – A health advisory has been issued for Cypress Point beach due to high bacteria levels. This should be considered a potential risk to the bathing public and swimming is not recommended.

What time does Cypress Point Park open?

Parks are open sunrise to sunset unless otherwise noted.

Are dogs allowed at Cypress Point beach?

You’ll find boardwalks, benches and picnic areas to hang out at together. Dogs are not permitted on the beach from 9am to 6pm from June 15 through Sept.

How long is Courtney Campbell trail?

15,900 m

Is Tampa Bay clean water?

Tampa Bay Regional Water Quality Providing clean, safe drinking water is a top priority at Tampa Bay Water. The drinking water we provide our member governments is safe: it meets or is better than all local, state and federal drinking water regulations.

Can you swim in Hillsborough Bay?

The storm water runoff flowing into the Bay and carrying pet feces into the water. While Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission posted on their website swimming is safe for most people even in red tide waters. The bacteria situation in Hillsborough is not related to red tide.

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Is the water in Tampa Bay Safe?

Tap water from Tampa Bay Water’s regional system remains safe for all uses – drinking, cooking, handwashing and bathing. Tampa Bay Water’s supply is a blend of treated groundwater, river water and desalinated seawater.

Are dogs allowed on the beach in Tampa?

Dogs are allowed in designated areas such as the pet beach on the southern tip of the island and on the nature trail. Pets must be on a 6 foot hand-held leash at all times while in these areas. The water has shallow areas that’s crystal clear and refreshing for both you and Fido. There is a Dog wash area as well.

Is Ballast Point Park dog friendly?

Yes, dogs are allowed, they are supposed to be on a leash.

Are dogs allowed at Ben T Davis Beach?

Yes, on leash only. over a year ago. There were dogs on the causeway and at Ben T Davis beach when I was there.

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