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Question: How To Get From Crete To Cyprus?

Is there a ferry from Greece to Cyprus?

There are no ferries between Greece and Cyprus.

Is there a direct flight from Cyprus to Crete?

How long is the flight from Cyprus to Crete? The quickest flight from Larnaca Airport to Heraklion Airport is the direct flight which takes 1h 30m.

Can you fly from Crete to Cyprus?

The distance between Crete and Cyprus is 751 km. How long is the flight from Crete to Cyprus? There is no direct flight from Sitia Airport to Larnaca Airport.

Is Crete close to Cyprus?

Crete and Cyprus have very similar subtropical Mediterranean climate. In addition, they are located in the same geographical area in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Can you use English money in Cyprus?

The official currency used in Paphos and across the entire island of Cyprus is the Euro. However, if you’re travelling from the UK you’ll have to exchange your pounds sterling for Euros.

How do you get to Cyprus from UK without flying?

Thanks to a daily ferry from southern Turkey to northern Cyprus, it’s possible to travel from the UK or anywhere in Europe to Cyprus via Istanbul, year-round, without flying.

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How long is the flight from Cyprus to Crete?

Average direct flight time is 2 hours 1 minutes. The fastest direct flight from Cyprus to Crete is 2 hours 1 minutes.

Which is warmer Crete or Cyprus?

Cyprus is a warmer island (Weather in Cyprus). It’s 19 º + on average in March, and in April and May you can fully enjoy a beach holiday, whereas on Crete it is still cool. June is already a classic southern summer in Cyprus with temperatures close to 30º+, whilst it is a slightly cooler 25º+ on Crete.

Is the island of Cyprus safe?

There are a few complications as to the logistics of where you are allowed to enter into and out of Cyprus. But despite the conflict that has plagued the region, and has left it in a state of political uncertainty, Cyprus is considered a very safe area to visit, with very little violent crime.

How do I get from Athens to Cyprus?

Direct routes for travel from Athens to Cyprus You can take a direct flight from Athens to Ercan that takes approximately 4 hours and costs from 120 USD. There are 36 direct flights per day and 252 flights per week, operated by airlines, such as Airbus.

Which is larger Cyprus or Crete?

The total area of Cyprus is 9,251 km2, and the total area of Crete is 8450 km2. Cyprus is bigger than Crete by 801 km2. Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean, whereas Crete is the fifth-largest island in the Mediterranean region.

Which Greek island is closest to Cyprus?

Crete is way out in front – and is almost as large as the nearby country of Cyprus. The largest Greek island measures 160 miles from east to west.

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Is Cyprus hotter than Greece?

Cyprus is located in the south-east of the Mediterranean, just 380 kilometers from Egypt, so the climate here is warmer than in Greece. In Greece, the thermometer often passes the thirty plus mark in summer as well, but in general there is less heat than in Cyprus, especially in the northern part of the country.

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