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Quick Answer: Who Says “thank You, Good Men Of Cyprus, For Your Kind Words About The Moor?

Who says make the Moor thank me?

Iago will lead Othello, via jealousy, to madness: “Make the Moor thank me, love me, and reward me, / For making him egregiously an ass, / And practicing upon his peace and quiet / Even to madness” (289-293).

What does Iago mean when he says of Desdemona now I do love her too believe Cassio with my nightcap too Why or why not?

What’s Iago’s perception of women? What does Iago mean when he says of Desdemona, “ Now, I do love her too?” He means he loves her for materialistic reasons, self-use for plan to destroy Rodrigo, Cassio and Othello (Shakespeare 2.1.242-270) Do you believe Iago when he says, “ I fear Cassio with my nightcap, too?”

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Does Cassio kiss Desdemona’s hand?

Iago watches as Cassio flirts with Desdemona, taking her hand and kissing it. “Go ahead, loverboy,” Iago comments. He’s going to use Cassio’s flirtatious nature against him. In fact, Iago says that when he’s done with Cassio, Cassio will wish his fingers were “clyster pipes,” a.k.a, enema tubes.

Who says look to her Moor?

Treat Desdemona well. Look to her, Moor, if thou hast eyes to see. She has deceived her father, and may thee. Keep an eye on her, Moor.

Is Cassio in love with Desdemona?

Cassio is noble minded and loving toward Desdemona and Iago throughout. These trusting and noble traits and opinions of Cassio’s are in part what allows Iago to succeed in his vengeful plan. In short, throughout Acts I, II and III, Cassio has the highest opinions of both Desdemona and Iago.

Who does Cassio stab?

Cassio stabs and wounds Roderigo. Iago darts out in the commotion, stabs Cassio in the leg, and exits.

Why does Cassio kiss Emilia?

Cassio welcomes Desdemona and Emilia—flirtatiously kissing Emilia. Iago quips that if Emilia would kiss Cassio’s lips as deftly as she whips him (Iago) with her tongue, Cassio would be over her quickly. As Iago mocks his wife for being a nag, Desdemona tries to defend her. Desdemona then asks Iago his opinion of women.

Why does Iago say he hates Othello What are all the charges he makes against the general?

Iago says in Act I, Scene 1 that he hates Othello because Othello has passed him over as a lieutenant. In other words, Iago believes that Cassio knows less about fighting than a spinster, or old unmarried woman, does. In addition, Iago suspects that his wife, Emilia, has cheated on him with Othello.

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Why is Cassio’s statement ironic?

What is ironic about Cassio’s statement, ” I never knew a Florentine more kind and honest?” Cassio believes that Iago is kind and honest even though he is the one who got him fired and is manipulating him. This gives Cassio and Desdemona the opportunity to meet so Cassio can get his job back.

Did Othello slept with Emilia?

At the start of the play we are given two reasons. One is that Cassio has been picked ahead of him as Lieutenant; the other is that he thinks that Othello slept with Iago’s wife, Emilia. After all, who was chosen to take over from Othello in Cyprus at the end of the play but Cassio himself.

Did Cassio kiss Iago?

Then Cassio seized Iago’s hand, kissed him hard on the mouth, and threw his leg over Iago’s thigh, kissing him all the while, and cursing fate, which “gave [Desdemona] to the Moor!” (421-26). This is Iago’s “proof” that makes it perfectly clear to him that Cassio has had illicit relations with Desdemona.

Why is brabantio angry?

Iago and Roderigo go together to Brabantio to tell him that his daughter has eloped with Othello. Brabantio is furious. He is angry that his daughter slipped away during the night to get married; he is angry that she married a Moor and not one of the “curled darlings of her nation.”

What did Iago mean when he reminds Othello that she did deceive her father marrying you?

He is implying that Othello should expect Desdemona to betray him, as she has betrayed her father. It is also important that, in this quotation, Brabantio reminds Othello that he is a “Moor.” This reminds Othello that he is a black man and, at least originally, a Muslim, in a white, Christian Venice.

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Why does Roderigo want to kill himself?

He wants to kill himself because the woman he loves has now married another man, and there is no hope for Roderigo, even though Desdemona’s father has opined that he would have preferred Roderigo to have married his daughter after all.

Who said she did deceive her father marrying you?

However, Iago only mentions this motivation very briefly, and it does not seem to fully explain the depth of his hatred toward Othello. She did deceive her father, marrying you. (3.3.) Iago makes this comment to Othello as a way of refuting Othello’s insistence that Desdemona is honest and would not lie to him.

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