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Readers ask: Where Is More Expensive Crete Or Cyprus?

Is Cyprus cheaper than Greece?

Cyprus has many upsides too. For one, it tends to be a much cheaper destination than Greece. As a much smaller nation than Greece, Cyprus is probably the better choice for a shorter holiday as you can easily and cheaply tour the island with a rental car.

Is Cyprus hotter than Crete in October?

Cyprus is a bit southern than Crete, and of course eastern than Crete, so theoritically will be somehow warmer. But no one can guarandee about the weather. Weather during October can be very mixed, with days of sunshine and days of clowds and rains.

Which island is bigger Cyprus or Crete?

The total area of Cyprus is 9,251 km2, and the total area of Crete is 8450 km2. Cyprus is bigger than Crete by 801 km2. Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean, whereas Crete is the fifth-largest island in the Mediterranean region.

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Is Cyprus warmer than Greece?

Cyprus is located in the south-east of the Mediterranean, just 380 kilometers from Egypt, so the climate here is warmer than in Greece. In Greece, the thermometer often passes the thirty plus mark in summer as well, but in general there is less heat than in Cyprus, especially in the northern part of the country.

What is the coldest month in Cyprus?

January, along with February, is the coldest month in Cyprus. On the lowlands minimum temperature might go below 7-8°C in the coastal areas and 5-6°C inland.

Is Cyprus safe for tourists?

There are a few complications as to the logistics of where you are allowed to enter into and out of Cyprus. But despite the conflict that has plagued the region, and has left it in a state of political uncertainty, Cyprus is considered a very safe area to visit, with very little violent crime.

Which is nicer Crete or Cyprus?

If all you’re looking for is a guaranteed comfortable holiday on a sandy beach with a warm, calm sea, then Cyprus is your choice. If you want surprise and adventure, without any research into the type of sea or beach, then you should definitely go to Crete.

Is there a ferry from Crete to Cyprus?

There isn’t a direct ferry from Crete to Cyprus.

Which is hotter in October Rhodes or Cyprus?

Cyprus will certainly be warmer than Crete or Rhodes at that time of year and the weather should still be good but not guaranteed to be “hot”. The evenings will be starting to get chilly and you could experience some rain during the day.

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Is Crete bigger than England?

The total area of Crete is 8,450 sq km, and the total area of England is 130,279 sq km. Crete is smaller than England by 121,829 sq km. Crete is around 15.4 times smaller than England.

Which is the largest island in the world?

Greenland is officially the world’s largest island that is not a continent. Home to 56,000 people, Greenland has its own extensive local government, but it is also part of the Realm of Denmark.

Is Isle of Wight bigger than Malta?

Malta is roughly the same size as the Isle of Wight off the coast of England. Although the latter is slightly larger, it is less densely populated. The Isle of Wight (UK) is 1.2 times bigger than Malta.

How long is the flight from Cyprus to Crete?

Average direct flight time is 2 hours 1 minutes. The fastest direct flight from Cyprus to Crete is 2 hours 1 minutes.

Why do Greece and Cyprus vote for each other?

Back in the day when each country had to perform in its official language, Greece and Cyprus where the only countries performing in Greek, so it is not surprising that people in each country would vote for the one song they could understand better than all the other songs.

Is Cyprus hotter than Rhodes?

1. Re: rhodes or cyprus? Cyprus will almost certainly be warmer in early April as it is so much farther east than Rhodes and is of course, surrounded by large land masses.

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