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Which Is The Closest Airport To Moni, Cyprus Greece?

How far is Limassol from airport?

Distance between Limassol (Limassol) and Paphos International Airport (Paphos) [Airport] (Cyprus) Driving Distance: 60.86 km, Estimated Duration: 51 minutes if average speed speed is 71km/hr.

What is the main airport in Cyprus?

Larnaca International Airport is Cyprus’ main international gateway and the larger of the two commercial airports in the area controlled by the Republic of Cyprus, the other being Paphos International Airport on the island’s southwestern coast.

How do you get to Limassol from Cyprus?

The nearest airport to Limassol is Paphos (PFO) Airport which is 50.3 km away. Other nearby airports include Larnaca (LCA) (56.1 km), Ercan (ECN) (67.7 km) and Antalya (AYT) (318.4 km).

What is the closest airport to vilshofen?

The nearest airport to Vilshofen an der Donau is Linz (LNZ) Airport which is 85.5 km away. Other nearby airports include Salzburg (SZG) (94 km), Munich (MUC) (108.1 km), Nuremberg (NUE) (181.7 km) and Prague (PRG) (182.1 km).

Is there Uber in Cyprus?

Uber ride hailing app is not available in Cyprus, but to order a taxi ride in 3 clicks you can use CABCY app. This app was developed by a Cyprus-based company, is super easy to use and ensures two important things: You pay standard government set taxi tariffs, and.

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How much is a taxi from Paphos airport to Limassol?

How much is a taxi from Paphos airport to Limassol? Taxis at Paphos airport aren’t charged at a flat rate fee, instead they are charged according to distance by a taximeter. The final cost will depend on your desired location in Limassol, but it will be around 45€.

What is the most beautiful part of Cyprus?

20 of the most beautiful places to visit in Cyprus

  • Blue Lagoon Akamas – one of the most beautiful places to explore in Cyprus.
  • Nissi Beach – a popular stunning beach with a blue flag designation.
  • Ayia Napa and Protaras/Fig Tree Beach – a beautiful Cyprus resort and a popular golden beach.

Why is it so expensive to fly to Cyprus?

Flights from Cyprus are more expensive that fights to Cyprus. The reason is two-fold. The market is tiny and there is no reasonably sized airline based in Cyprus. The tiny market does not allow for an airline to be based in Cyprus and compete with foreign carriers flying to Larnaca or Paphos.

Which is better Larnaca or Paphos?

Larnaca is more concentrated in one area than Paphos and has a more manageable, small-town feel than Limassol. Consequently, if you’re trying to decide between staying in Larnaca or Ayia Napa, note that the latter is generally better if you would rather stay in an all-inclusive resort.

Is there a ferry from Greece to Cyprus?

There are no ferries between Greece and Cyprus.

Can you fly direct to Cyprus?

Which airlines offer direct flights to Cyprus? TUI, easyJet, Jet2, British Airways, American Airlines, Ryanair, Condor and Wizz Air all fly direct to Cyprus.

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Can you get a ferry from Cyprus to Israel?

Sail From Cyprus to Israel The main company offering ferry service between the two countries is Cruise Cyprus. The company offers two- or three-day excursions aboard the Salamis Filoxenia ship that depart from Limassol, dock in Haifa and then return to Limassol.

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