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Bangalore to delhi train?

  • Some of the trains that operate between Bangalore and Delhi include: DURONTO EXPRESS, YPR SKRANTIEXP. The first train on this route is YPR SKRANTIEXP and leaves Bangalore at 13:55 am, and the last train from Bangalore to Delhi is DURONTO EXPRESS and leaves Bangalore at 23:40 pm. The average time taken to connect these cities is 39:14 hours.

How much is the train fare from Bangalore to Delhi?

Bengaluru to Delhi Karnataka Express (12627) departs from Bengaluru City Jn station (SBC) at 19:00 and arrives New Delhi station (NDLS) at 10:30 . Bengaluru to Delhi train fare is Rs. 5550 in First AC, Rs. 515 in None, Rs.

What is the ticket price of Rajdhani Express?

The New Delhi-Mumbai Central Rajdhani Express departs from New Delhi railway station at 4:25 pm on all days and reaches Mumbai Central at 8:15 am on the next day covering total distance of 1,384 kilometres. Fare for AC 3 tier is ₹ 2,725, ₹ 3,825 for AC tier 2 and ₹ 4,730 for AC tier 1.

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Are trains running from Bangalore to Delhi?

There are 7 weekly trains and 2 daily trains that run from Bangalore to Delhi , covering the shortest distance of about 1739 km by DURONTO EXPRESS(12213). Note: The number of daily trains indicates particular trains that run everyday from Bangalore to Delhi .

Where is Karnataka express train now?

Karnataka Express starts from New Delhi (NDLS) at 21:15 , reaches Agra Cantt (AGC) at 23:43 , Gwalior Jn (GWL) at 01:27 , Jhansi Jn (JHS) at 02:55 , Bhopal Jn (BPL) at 06:45 , Manmad Jn (MMR) at 15:30 , Solapur Jn (SUR) at 00:05 and Bengaluru Cant (BNC) at 13:08 . It arrives at Bengaluru City Jn on third day at 14:00 .

Is there any bus from Bangalore to Delhi?

A . There are 1 buses that ply from Bangalore to Delhi every day.

How far is Bangalore from Delhi?

Distance Between Bengaluru to Delhi

Distance between Bengaluru to Delhi by Road is 2146 Kms
Distance between Bengaluru to Delhi by Flight is 1740 Kms
Travel Time from Bengaluru to Delhi by Road is 31:55 hrs
Nearest Airport in Bengaluru Kempegowda International Airport (12.97, 77.59)

Is food free in 1st AC?

Yes, food is available in most of the 1st class AC coach but it’s not free , you need to pay for it. Only Rajdhani, Shatabdi and Duronto Express can give you food free of cost, as they already charge you for same in your ticket fair.

Is food free in Rajdhani Express?

No, the food is not free in Rajdhani Express . The cost of food is already included in your tickets. While booking a ticket, it is optional for you to choose if you want catering services or not.

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Can unmarried couple travel in coupe?

No one can guarantee allotment of a coupe . If the unmarried couple only travel through the coupe no questions will be asked. No one can guarantee allotment of a coupe . If the unmarried couple only travel through the coupe no questions will be asked.

How much is flight ticket from Delhi to Bangalore?

New Delhi Bangalore Cheap Flights

New Delhi Bangalore Cheap Flights Fare ₹ Date of journey
Cheapest Fare within 30 days ₹4358* 22/02/2021
Cheapest Fare within 90 Days ₹3251* 05/04/2021
Lowest Fare to Travel ₹3251* 05/04/2021

Are trains running in India?

Currently, the Railways is operating 1,089 special train services, while Kolkata Metro was running 60 per cent of its services, Mumbai suburban was running on 88 per cent and 50 per cent of Chennai suburban services were in operation. “This year has been of grit and victories for Indian Railways .

What is 2S train?

Second seater: 2S Second Seating , lowest class where the seats are in form of benches may or may not be with cushion. CC means AC chair car, usually preffered for short distances & is commonly found in Shatabdi trains .

Which is the fastest train in Karnataka?

The Karnataka Express is a daily Superfast train that runs between the Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka and the Indian capital New Delhi. Karnataka Express.

Operating speed Maximum – 110.0 km/hr, Average – 61 km/hr
hideRoute map

Which is the best train of India?

Ten top Indian rail journeys Goa Express . Route: Vasco da Gama (Goa) to Londa (Karnataka) Dibrugarh Rajdhani Express . Route: New Jalpaiguri (West Bengal), Tinsukia , Ledo (Assam) Nizamuddin Duronto Express . Route: Pune (Maharashtra) to New Delhi. Mandovi Express . Indian Maharaja Deccan Odyssey . Island Express . Himalayan Queen. Jammu Mail.

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Which train is the fastest train of India?

Here is a list of 10 fastest trains of India: Shatabdi Express is one of the fastest and prestigious trains. Sealdah-New Delhi Duronto . New Delhi-Kanpur Shatabdi Express . New Delhi- Howrah Rajdhani Express . New Delhi-Howrah Duronto Express . New Delhi-Allahabad Duronto Express. Sealdah-New Delhi Rajdhani Express .

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