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Delhi driving license?

  • To get a driver’s license in Delhi, you must pass a test that assesses your driving abilities as well as your understanding of traffic laws and regulations. A candidate for a permanent driving license can be made after 30 days following the issuing of your LL.

How can I get driving Licence in Delhi?

How to Apply for Driving Licence Online in Delhi ? Step1 : Visit www.transport. delhi and obtain the application form and print it. Step 2: Submit the duly filled form at the RTO near your residence. Step 3: Submit all the required documents. Step 4: You will be given a slot for the driving test.

How can I check my driving Licence online in Delhi?

Here is how you check the status of your driving licence in Delhi through the Sarathi website. Go to Hover above the “ Online Services” tab or click on the button. Click on the “ Driving Licence Related Services” tab.

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What is the fees for driving Licence in Delhi?

The driving licence fee in Delhi is the same for all Regional Transport offices in Delhi . INR 400 is charged for the driving licence . For an international licence , the driving licence fee is INR 1000. The driving license fee in Delhi needs to be submitted in cash only at the Regional Transport Office.

How can I renew my driving Licence in Delhi?

Here are the documents required when renewing your learner’s licence : Learner’s Licence details. Form No. Proof of Age (Birth Certificate, Transfer Certificate, Mark Sheet). Proof of Address (Aadhaar Card, Passport, Ration Card, Electricity Bill). 6 Passport-Sized Photographs. Renewal Application Fees.

Can a 16 year old drive Activa?

As per current rule, 16 -18- year – olds can apply for a licence and are allowed to ride gearless two-wheelers below 50cc. However, to ride two-wheelers above 100cc, geared two-wheelers and light motor vehicles, an individual has to be at least 18 years old .

What is the cost of driving Licence in India?

List of Driving Licence (DL) & Learning Licence (LL) Fees in India

Licence Issues Old Fee New Fee
Applying for a new driving licence Rs. 40 Rs. 200
Driving licence test Rs. 50 Rs. 300
Renewing a driving licence Rs. 50 Rs. 200
Driving school licence issue and renewal Rs. 2,000 Rs. 10,000

How can I track my DL?

Once, you visit the Sarathi website, on your left hand side, you will find an option called “Status of Licence” under “National Register( DL ) Queries.” Once you choose “Status of Licence”, you will be asked to enter your date of birth, DL number, and your state. Please enter the details and click on “Submit”.

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What is DL number in India?

Rest of the numbers are to be given in 7 digits. If there are less number of digits, then additional 0’s(zeros) may be added to make the total 7. For example: If the Driving Licence Number is RJ-13/DLC/12/ 123456 then please enter RJ-1320120123456 OR RJ13 20120123456.

Does driving Licence need to be renewed in Delhi?

As per the amended MV Act, one can apply for renewal of driving licence any time between one year before its expiry and up to one after its expiry. However, if you apply for renewal after one year of the expiry of licence , you will have to pass the test again.

How many types of driving Licence are there?

There are seven different classes of licences for various vehicle types in the country. These are: MC 50cc: This implies vehicles having engine capacity of 50cc or less. LMV-NT: Light motor vehicles, which are non-commercial are classified under this category.

What is the validity of driving license in India?

Validity of a driving licence at present is 20 years and those who want to renew it can apply one year before its date of expiry. If the licence is renewed within one year from the date of expiry, then the applicants need to pay only the normal fee of Rs 200.

What are the documents required for renewal of driving Licence in Delhi?

Documents required for renewal of driving license in Delhi: Copy of the original driving license that is about to expire. In case the driver is over 40-years, a medical certificate along with Form 1 A. Passport -sized photographs – 2. Copies of self-attested address and age proof documents.

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Is Aadhaar card mandatory for renewal of driving Licence?

Driving Licenses are issued by the Road Transport Department of every state or the union territory. Driving license holders and vehicle owners would need to get Aadhar authentication to avail of 16 types of online and contactless services such as learner’s license, renewal of DL, and change of address in DL. 6 дней назад

Is NOC required for renewal of driving license?

No requirement of an NOC for the renewal / changes of addressing the Driving Licence . Parivahan Sewa | Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Government of India.

Can driving license be renewed before expiry?

As per the new Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act, 2019, an individual can apply for renewal of driving licence any time between one year before its expiry and up to one after its expiry . Earlier rule of one-month grace period after the expiry of licence has been scrapped.

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