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Delhi metro fare?

What is the fare of Delhi Metro?

The network consists of 10 colour-coded lines serving 253 stations with a total length of 389 kilometres (242 mi), 285 stations, including the Gurugram Metro and Noida Metro . Delhi Metro .

Operator(s) Delhi Metro Rail Corporation
Number of vehicles 310 Trains
Train length 4/6/8 coaches
Headway 3 minutes

Is Delhi Metro expensive?

“Of nine metropolitan cities across the world where the cost for a 10-km trip is less than half-a-US dollar, the Delhi Metro remains the second-most unaffordable system in terms of percentage of income spent for using it,” CSE study said.

What is the maximum fare of Delhi Metro?

New Delhi : The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation ( DMRC ) board on Monday decided to hike fares substantially, increasing the minimum fare from Rs8 to Rs10 and the maximum from Rs30 to Rs50-60. The fare revision has come after a gap of 8 years..

Is there any monthly pass for Delhi Metro?

Delhi Airport Metro spokesperson said: “The new 30 trip monthly pass will cost between ₹ 400 and ₹ 2,000 for 30 trips, depending upon boarding and alighting stations of the passenger. Commuters can now not only save on their overall monthly expense, but also minimise their trips wastage.”

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Is Delhi Metro in profit?

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation – Most Profitable PSU in 2018 – Fortune India.

Which is the longest metro in India?

The first rapid transit system in India is the Kolkata Metro , which started operations in 1984. The Delhi Metro has the largest network in the entire country. The newest metro opened is Nagpur Metro on 8 March 2019. Rapid transit ( Metro )

System Namma Metro
City Bengaluru
State Karnataka
System length (km) UC 124.57

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Does Delhi Metro run 24 hours?

The Metro trains run from 6 A.M. in the morning till 11 P.M. in the night when the last service starts from Dilshad Garden and Rithala respectively. Metro trains are available at a frequency of 3.30 minutes during peak time. At present about 29 trains are running on Line No.

What is the daily income of Delhi Metro?

Breaking all previous records, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) peaked its daily average earnings in September—making it the most profitable month ever since it began operations. A DMRC spokesperson said the metro’s average daily earning was Rs 1,00, 27,877 in the last month.

Is Delhi Metro government or private?

Delhi Metro is the largest and busiest rapid transit system in India connecting the country’s capital region with satellite cities. The metro system is operated by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), a public sector company established by the Government of India and the Government of Delhi in March 1995.

Is Delhi Metro free for students?

Currently, no discount on fares is offered for any category of passengers on the Delhi Metro . “We are ready with a technology-based solution to provide relief to students and senior citizens travelling on metro trains. The central government will implement it appropriately,” Hardeep Singh Puri said.

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Is Metro free for ladies now in Delhi 2020?

We will be paying the amount to the Delhi Metro ,” Gahlot told IANS. Last year on June 3, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had announced that women can “enjoy free rides on public transport” in the national capital, including the Metro and DTC buses.

Can I buy Delhi Metro tickets online?

Now, this digital payment option offers a simple purchase option on their Paytm app, which can be displayed at the automatic fare collection (AFC) gates to proceed for the journey. Paytm QR tickets will enable commuters to book tickets without being physically present at the Metro station.

Can Delhi Metro card balance go negative?

Sometimes the card balance can go negative , but as it has your security deposit of Rs. 50/- it allows that (only once). You cannot start a journey with negative balance , that is not allowed. The card must be recharged at least once in a year.

Can we return metro card?

A DMRC spokesperson said, “All smart cards sold on April 1 or after shall be non-refundable. All cards sold before April 1 will also become non-refundable from April 1.” Currently, while returning a smart card , a commuter receives the amount of unused money in the card and Rs 30 security deposit.

Can we return Delhi Metro card?

DELHI METRO SMART CARDS TO BE NON-REFUNDABLE ONLY FROM 01ST APRIL, 2017. 3) For both new cards sold after 1st April 2017, and existing cards converted to non- refundable and after 1st April 2017, only security deposit, after deduction of relevant charges, shall be returned on surrender of the card .

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