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Delhi police fir?

In Delhi police, online FIR (first information report) services started. The purpose of launching Delhi police online FIR services is to reduce the time to go to the police station and lodge FIR. Not only the website but the android mobile app was also launched. It was launched by Union Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde in 2015.

Can I file FIR online in Delhi?

How to file an online FIR : Lost and found. 1. Visit the official website- Go to the Delhi Police official website (

How can I check my Delhi Police FIR status?

Steps to Search / View FIR online – Delhi Police Portal Step 1 : Visit the website of Delhi Police View FIR Link by clicking on the link. Step 2 : Chose the option under FIR Registered. Step 3: Now FIR Search Option of Delhi Police online Portal is opened. Step 4: Fill information in the field.

How can I get FIR copy online?

How to download FIR Enter the FIR number. Select Year of registration of FIR . Select Police district (Name of district or Crime Branch or Railway Police ) from the dropdown. Select concerned Police Station name form dropdown. Add security code displayed in the form. Click “Search FIR ” button to search.

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How can I get untraced report online in Delhi?

Visit Delhi Police website and follow the ‘LOST REPORT ‘ Module.

How do I check my fir?

Visit the website of How to open FIR files. Click on ” view FIR ” options. An FIR is a written document that is prepared by the police in India. Enter the Verification code on the screen, Now the Fir / case information is displayed on the screen.

What is the difference between complaint and FIR?

Complaint refers to an appeal made to the magistrate, comprising an allegation that a crime has taken place. FIR implies the complaint registered with the police by the plaintiff or any other person having knowledge of the cognizable offence.

How can I get PCC in Delhi?

Police Clearance Certificate apply online from Delhi Police. Step 1: Visit the website of Delhi Police Step 2: Click on Citizen Services. Step 3: Click on Police Clearance Certificate ( PCC ) Step 4: Click on Register. Step 5: Fill Email ID. Step 6: Click on Send me Verification Code.

How can I FIR online in Delhi Police?

Follow these simple steps to file an FIR online : Step 1: Visit the Delhi Police Official Website i.e. www. delhipolice Step 2: Select ‘Services’ may option will scroll down. Step 3: Choose the option complaints if you want to file a police complaint online , from the online service box.

Is it necessary to file FIR for lost phone?

As per an advisory issued by center to the states and union territories on 5 Feb 2014, registration of FIR for a stolen mobile phone is compulsory under Section 154 of CrPC. Registering an FIR also safeguards you from any misuse of your mobile phone or connection there on.

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In what cases FIR is recorded?

In case of theft or damage to property, an FIR is necessary to claim insurance or protect yourself from any liability arising from the misuse of your property. What crimes? The police can register FIRs only for cognizable offences — where the police have the power to arrest without a warrant.

How can you tell if a second hand car is stolen?

Basic background check Check that the VIN matches the number on the owner registration and roadworthy documents. Check that the VIN number has not been tampered with. Check that the address supplied by the seller matches the address on the registration and roadworthy documents. Check the service history of the car .

How do I know if the car is stolen?

All you need, besides a phone and/or a computer, is your potential car’s VIN ( Vehicle Identification Number), your credit or debit card and your email address. A stolen VIN check is a foolproof way to check on your car’s history, effectively by checking the stolen car database.

What is ZIPNet?

ZIPNet (Zonal Integrated Police Network) was introduced in the year 2004 under the guidance and supervision of Shri. Sudhir Yadav, IPS, Additional Commissioner of Police, Crime, Delhi, INDIA. The main objective of the Project is to share Crime and Criminal Information in real-time.

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