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East delhi municipal corporation?

How do I download a MCD mutation certificate?

Delhi Property Mutation Certificate Online Visit the official website of Delhi registration office using the link as to visit the page. Go to Online Civic Services (Available at Bottom of the page) Click Download Mutation Certificate under Property Tax Label.

How can I get my birth certificate online in east Delhi?

Steps to Search Birth Certificate from the website of EDMC. Step 1 Visit the Website of East Delhi Municipal Corporation Website. Step 2: Click on Online Birth Certificate . Step 3: To Search with Registration Number click on Search by Registration Number. Step 4: Fill Required information.

How can I pay my property taxes online in east Delhi?

You can pay your property tax online on the MCD’s website using internet banking, credit card or debit card. Log on to the MCD’s Property Tax Website. Choose your area’s municipal corporation. You can search here to find whether the property falls under the North, South or East Delhi MCD’s jurisdiction.

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What is the difference between NDMC and MCD?

The council also includes the Chief Minister of Delhi as an Ex officio member. The Union Territory of Delhi is divided into three statutory urban regions: the Municipal Corporation of Delhi ( MCD ), the New Delhi Municipal Council ( NDMC ), and the Delhi Cantonment Board.

How do I get a mutation certificate online?

How to get /apply for a mutation certificate ? Step 1: Visit the sub-registrar’s office and register for the mutation of property. Step 2: Fill out the land mutation application form. Step 3: Submit the filled application form along with the required documents to the concerned official.

What is mutation certificate?

The mutation of a property is also known as “Dakhil-Kharij” in Hindi. Mutation refers to the transfer of the property ownership from an existing owner to the new owner. Though a mutation certificate is not a legal document, however, it is still essential when you want to sell or transfer your property in the future.

How can I make a birthday certificate?

Step 1: Get a birth Certificate Registration Form from the registrar’s office (from your municipal authority). Step 2: When a child is born in a hospital, the form is provided by the Medical Officer In-charge. Step 3: Fill in the form within 21 days of birth of the child.

How can I get a copy of my birth certificate in India?

In the event of losing your Indian Birth Certificate , you can apply for a duplicate certificate by visiting the nearest municipal office, or you can apply online at the official website of the state where you reside.

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How can I check my birth certificate online in India?

How to check Select the ‘ Check online ‘ button. Enter your email address and ORN. Verify you’re not a robot with reCAPTCHA. Read and accept the terms and conditions. Select ‘Submit’.

How can I get property mutation in Delhi?

How to apply for property mutation ? The latest receipt of property tax payment. The attested copy of sale deed. The no-objection certificate from the housing society. An indemnity bond on stamp paper of requisite value (Rs 100 in Delhi ) An affidavit on stamp paper of requisite value (Rs 10 in Delhi ), attested by the notary.

How can I check property owner online in Delhi?

How to access land records Click on Abhilekh and you will be redirected to a new page. Here you will see Login/Register on top right. Click and register yourself. Once completed, you will receive an email with your registration details. In the property search you could find sale and lease deeds.

How can I check my property ID in Delhi?

Your property ID can be found in previous property tax challan/receipts.

Who controls Delhi Municipal Corporation?

The Government of India is nearly the sole landowner and also owns about eighty percent of the buildings in the New Delhi Municipal Council area.

Who is the head of NDMC?

NDMC Smart City Ltd. » Board of Directors

S.No. Name Designation
1 Sh. Naresh Kumar Chairman, NDMC Chairperson of the Board of Directors
2 Ms. Chanchal Yadav Secretory, NDMC Director
3 Ms. Gitali Taare FA, NDMC Director
4 Sh. Prakash Singh Director, Ministry of Urban Development, GOI Director
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How Delhi is governed?

The local or city government is headed by the mayor. This is why Delhi now has three mayors. The Delhi Cantonment Board is also a municipality that has jurisdiction in the city, since cantonment boards are municipalities as per the Cantonment Board Act 2006 and are under control of the Ministry of Defence.

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