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Lawyers in delhi?

  • Delhi Lawyers is one of the top leading law firms in Delhi. Our Firms practicing areas include civil, Criminal Litigation, Matrimonial Laws, Corporate Laws, Cyber Laws, banking laws, consumer laws, Divorce laws etc. The strength of Delhi Lawyers Firm is the team of qualified and experienced lawyers.

Who is the best lawyer in Delhi?

Top 10 criminal lawyers in Delhi KTS Tulsi. Courtesy: Indian Express. Siddhartha Luthra. Sidharth Luthra is a senior advocate at the Supreme Court of India. Pinky Anand. Courtesy: Tehelka. Salman Khurshid. “It is the spirit and not the form of law that keeps justice alive.” Kapil Sibal. Gopal Subramanium. Parag Tripathi. Ram Jethmalani.

How can I find a good lawyer in Delhi?

A few factors to consider while choosing the right Lawyer near you. Practice Area Specialization. lawyer specialization and skills. Most lawyers tend to practice in one or two specific areas and get really good at it over time. Courts of Practice. Courts of Practice. Location. lawyer location. Legal Question. ask free question.

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Who is the No 1 lawyer in India?

Ram Jethmalani
Residence 2, Akbar Road, New Delhi, India
Alma mater S.C. Shahani Law College, Karachi- University of Bombay
Profession Lawyer, Jurist, Professor of Law, Politician, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist

What are the 3 types of lawyers?

Different types of lawyers for the most common legal problems Civil Litigation. Lawyers who routinely go to court on behalf of clients are litigators, and many specialize in areas such as personal injury, corporate, tax, etc. Real Estate. Criminal Law . Personal Injury. Medical Malpractice. Workers’ Compensation. Family Law. Immigration.

Who is the best lawyer in India?

5 famous Indian lawyers and where they studied Soli Sorabjee . Fali Sam Nariman . Ram Jethmalani . Mukul Rohtagi. Ashok Desai.

How many lawyers are there in Delhi?

Number of lawyers in India: The data

Area Total Advocates Advocates enrolled in last 5 years
Delhi 54258 15709
Orissa 44625 5831
Kerala 43339 5656
Assam, Nagaland, etc 23077 7074

How do I hire an advocate?

How to hire a good Lawyer – Question to ask yourself before hiring an Advocate I. Interpret your problem carefully before thinking of hiring a lawyer . II. Ask yourself and people around you that is it possible and reasonable to solve the problem on your own. III. Determine how important your situation is.

How do I hire a good lawyer?

Hiring a Lawyer Know Who You’re Dealing With. Many lawyers specialize in a particular area of the law. Do Your Research. Try to talk with more than one lawyer before you choose the one to represent you. Know The Real Deal. Fees and Costs. Payment Arrangements. Keep Good Records. Class Actions. Service.

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How do I find a good lawyer?

How To Choose the Right Lawyer : Ten Points to Consider When Selecting an Attorney Identify Your Legal Problem and Use a Specialist. Make Sure the Attorney has the Right Experience. Expect the Attorney to be a Good Communicator. Consider the Attorney’s Professionalism.

Who is Salman Khan lawyer?

Anand Desai, Salman’s legal counsel, said although they respected the court’s verdict, the decision “came as a surprise” as the actor had been acquitted in the previous cases which had the same facts as in this one.

Who is the best lawyer in India 2020?

Here is the list of top 10 highest paid lawyers in India according to Legally India. KK Venugopal . Gopal Subramaniam . P. Harish Salve . Abhishek Manu Singhvi . C. Salman Khurshid. K.T. S. Tulsi . He is a famous senior advocate in the Supreme Court of India .

Who is India’s most expensive lawyer?

NEW DELHI: Harish Salve , who led India’s charge against Pakistan at ICJ, is arguably the most expensive lawyer in the country today. But he charged a token fee of just Re 1 to defend Kulbhushan Jadhav, foreign minister Sushma Swaraj had tweeted recently to a carping critic.

What type of lawyers are in demand?

The Top 10 Lawyer Types You’re Most Likely to Need Civil Litigation Lawyer (a.k.a. Trial Attorney) Criminal Defense Lawyer . Defamation Lawyer (a.k.a. Libel and Slander Attorney) Business Lawyer (litigation or transactional) Family Lawyer (a.k.a. Domestic Relations Attorney; a.k.a. Divorce Lawyer ) Traffic Lawyer. Trusts and Estates Lawyer. Immigration Lawyer.

What type of lawyer should I hire?

An attorney who specializes in civil litigation will be your best legal option. You may also find that different attorneys will specialize in different litigation areas as well. For example, a corporate litigation lawyer should have the expertise to help you with commercial litigation issues.

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What kind of lawyer does not go to court?

Transaction lawyers mostly that do corporate work including regulatory compliance and “deal” structuring ; most tax lawyers; many trusts and estates lawyers; most real estate lawyers.

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