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Often asked: Delhi airport taxi service?

Delhi Airport Taxi Service is the main cab providing Company at New Delhi Airport and Nearby Area. Taxi service at Delhi Airport provide one way taxi Service from Delhi to all major cities of India. We are committed to customer service ensuring that you are always picked up on time, enabling you to fulfill your journey with peace of mind.

Are cabs available from Delhi airport?

If you are planning to pay a visit to this magnificent city, enjoy a peaceful ride to its attractions by booking cabs from Delhi airport . To make your journey even more comfortable, Goibibo now offers taxi from Delhi airport .

Is cab service available in Delhi now?

Are cabs available in Delhi ? Yes, Savaari cabs are available in Delhi . You can opt for local car rentals, outstation round trip, one-way cabs or airport cab services in Delhi , based on your requirement.

How much is a taxi in Delhi?

Taxi Rates are per Kilometer basis. Black-Yellow Taxi Fare in Delhi .

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Normal Fare Rs 25/- for the first KM and after that Rs.14 per KM for Non-AC taxis and Rs.16 per KM for AC taxis for every additional KM.
Extra Luggage Charges Rs.10 will be charged extra as luggage charges.

Is Cabbazar safe?

Affordable, secure overall amazing service. I am very amazed by the services provided by cabbazar , They are always on time and they are providing the best drivers. Drivers are very good and polite.

How can I book Meru cab in advance?

No convenience charge applicable if you book through website or Meru App. Download Meru App, now. For all advance booking , there will be Advance Booking convenience charge of Rs. 30/- (Tax etra) applicable in addition to the fare.

Is Zoomcar available in Delhi?

Zoomcar is very popular for trips across NCR and UP including Delhi to Agra and Delhi to Kanpur.

Is Uber or Ola cheaper in Delhi?

In Delhi , Ola is the cheaper ride share for short rides, while Uber is cheaper for long rides. For the short ride, Ola is notably only 1% cheaper during typical peak times but about 9% cheaper off-peak. For the long ride, Uber is about 12% cheaper during typical peak times and about 8% cheaper off-peak.

Is Meru cabs safe in Delhi?

In Delhi , I have found Meru cabs to be the safest cabs . As a single woman travelling alone at night many a times in Delhi I have used Meru cabs and found their service to be good. They are on time and their drivers have been trained. You can book online at or call at 011 44 22 44 22.

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What are taxis called in India?

To hail a taxicab, you normally just wait on the street or go to locations called taxi stands. Taxicabs are referred to as taxis in India and the word cab is rarely used.

What is the auto fare in Delhi?

Auto -Rickshaw Rs 25/- for first fall of 2 Kilometer (upon downing the meter) and thereafter Rs. 8/- per Kilometer for every additional Kilometer
Night Charges 25% of the fare (11:00 PM to 5:00 AM)
Waiting Charges Rs 30/- per hour or part thereof (Subject to a minimum of 15 minutes stay)

Is Uber working in Delhi?

NEW DELHI : Ride-hailing platforms Ola and Uber on Monday announced resuming operations in more cities, including Delhi and Bengaluru, following new guidelines for the fourth phase of the lockdown. With the 10 new cities, Uber will be available in total of 35 cities in the country.

How far is Delhi airport from City?

The Delhi airport (DEL), is about 15 km southwest of the city centre. Without traffic, it takes about 25 minutes by car to reach the centre from the airport, or it is a 20 minute metro ride away.

Is TaxiBazaar safe?

“A very safe journey with TaxiBazaar ” Arjun helped me a lot with the booking and made sure that I get taxi on time. The fare from Delhi to Pune was better than the other options. TaxiBazaar really stood out among the other. Thank you for making me and my family reach our place safely .

How reliable is Ola outstation?

Safer and secure rides: Every Ola Outstation has 5 layers of safety, an SOS emergency button and 24*7 roadside assistance features for a safer experience. Advance Booking: With Ola Outstation , you can book and get a ride in just 15 minutes before your trip or book up to 7 days in advance.

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Is GoZo cabs safe?

Used one way service three times. So overall I found the GoZo Cabs as reliable , decently priced, professional and I strongly recommend it for Delhi-Agra route.

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