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Often asked: Delhi airport to railway station?

Delhi Airport is not directly connected to the Indian rail network. In order to take the train, the most suitable option is to transfer to the nearest train station which is New Delhi Railway Station. New Delhi is well connected to other parts of India using the rail system. You can book your tickets online and plan your trip well in advance.

How do I get from Delhi airport to railway station?

There are 5 ways to get from New Delhi Station to Delhi Airport Station by subway, bus, taxi, car or towncar Take the Metro from New Delhi to Chhatarpur Yellow. Take the bus from Andheria More to IGI Airport Terminal 2 717Up.

How far is Delhi airport from railway station?

The distance between Delhi Airport (DEL) and Delhi Junction Station is 18 km . The road distance is 22.8 km .

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Is Metro available from Delhi airport?

Delhi Metro is the fastest way to go to New Delhi , you can arrive to Delhi in just 20 minutes from the Airport . Metro Express connects Terminal 3 with the central part of New Delhi by the Orange line.

How long does it take from Delhi airport to Metro station?

2.0 Salient Features of the line : 6 stations , namely New Delhi , Shivaji Stadium, Dhaula Kuan, Delhi Aero city , IGI Airport , Dwarka sector 21. Designed speed of 135 kmph and maximum operating Speed of 120 kmph. Travel time is 18 min from New Delhi to Airport and 3 min from Airport to Dwarka.

Which station is near to Delhi airport?

The nearest train station to Delhi Airport is New Delhi Railway Station , which can be reached taking the Delhi Metro Airport Express , a taxi or a transfer.

How far is t3 from IGI Metro station?

Distance between I G I Airport Metro Station and Terminal 3. It takes 2 minutes to travel from I G I Airport Metro Station to Terminal 3. Approximate driving distance between I G I Airport Metro Station and Terminal 3 is 2 kms or 1.2 miles or 1.1 nautical miles .

Can I travel with liquor in Delhi Metro?

The Delhi Metro has banned spirits and inflammable liquids in all forms, including sealed liquor bottles, objects such as knives, cutleries, cleavers and animals of any kind in its trains in Delhi and NCR. But all this has changed; even sealed liquor bottles won’t be allowed inside stations now.

What is not allowed in Delhi Metro?

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation ( DMRC ) advises all its passengers/general public to not carry any type of fire-crackers, toy-guns etc. while travelling by the Metro .

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Is Metro running in Delhi?

Delhi Metro today has a current operational network covering 156 kms approx. in Delhi and the National Capital Region (Gurgaon and Noida) with 132 operational stations. Dwarka Sector 21 is situated on Line 3 (Blue Line) connecting Noida City Centre to Dwarka Sector 21.

How do you get to airport by metro?

The best option is you take the Airport Metro from New Delhi Metro Station. In case you are at the Railway station, you may have to walk a little bit (about 5 min) to reach the Metro station. Take the ticket up to Delhi Aerocity metro station.

Does Delhi Metro run 24 hours?

The Metro trains run from 6 A.M. in the morning till 11 P.M. in the night when the last service starts from Dilshad Garden and Rithala respectively. Metro trains are available at a frequency of 3.30 minutes during peak time. All Delhi Metro stations have the logo prominently displayed.

Why did the Delhi Airport Metro line get into trouble?

Reliance held DMRC, which constructed the line , responsible for the defects . Some senior DMRC officials claimed that Reliance could not run the line profitably and was therefore looking for an exit route . In July, Reliance Infrastructure CEO Sumit Banerjee admitted that “the corridor was not making profits”.

Which metro station is near to Terminal 1?

Terminal 1-IGI Airport metro station

Preceding station Delhi Metro Following station
Sadar Bazaar Cantonment toward Janakpuri West Magenta Line Shankar Vihar toward Botanical Garden

Does normal metro card work on airport line?

From tomorrow i.e. the 1st of May 2015 onwards all the Delhi Metro Smart Cards will be valid for travel by the Airport Express Line and thus there is no need for DMRC Smart Card holders to purchase any additional token or card separately for travel on the Airport Express Line .

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How can I recharge my Delhi Metro card online?

Here are the steps you need to follow if want to recharge your metro card online . Step 1: Visit (Official website of Delhi Rail Corporation Limited). Step 2: Then enter metro card information. Step 3: After that, enter the amount (Next to the ‘ Card ID’ option).

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