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Often asked: Delhi to mussoorie?

The aerial distance from Delhi to the quaint hill station of Mussoorie is approximately 219 kilometres. However, this distance cannot be travelled entirely by air as Mussoorie does not have an airport of its own. The closest national airport to Mussoorie is the Jolly Grant Airport or the Dehradun Airport.

How far is Mussoorie from Delhi by train?

New Delhi – Dehradun – Mussoorie (271 Kms)

241 kms 30 kms
Day Train Road

Is it safe to drive from Delhi to Mussoorie?

It is absolutely safe to travel from Delhi to Mussoorie in night. I personally like to travel in night when going on road trip . This is to avoid any traffic and congestion on roads . Safety is a Myth!

Does Mussoorie have snow?

Mussoorie has experienced snow during the month of December, January and February. But the highest possibility of experiencing snow fall is during end of December or 1st week of January. Also, add Dhanaulti (24 kms from Mussoorie ) to your itenerary, if you want to experience snow .

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Is there an airport in Mussoorie?

Mussoorie does not have an airport of its own. People travelling to this city can reach the domestic airport in Dehradun, called Jolly Grant Airport .

Which is better Nainital or Mussoorie?

Nainital is way better than mussoorie in every way. Naimital has everything mussorie has AND 60 lakes to out do it. The mall road of Nainital provides a perfect walk along the lake and has many good shops along it. The mall road of mussoorie is congested and not half as good as that of Nainital .

What is the best time to visit Mussoorie?

March till June are the best months to visit Mussoorie for a pleasant sightseeing tour and to enjoy the spring and flower bloom and cool summers. Visitors can avail of the cable car ropeway ride to Gun Hill, which offers a captivating view of the surrounding Himalayan Mountains.

How many days are enough for Mussoorie?

How many days are sufficient to explore Mussoorie ? To explore Mussoorie and its nearby surroundings at a relaxed pace, one would need 2 days minimum as there are plenty of places in and around Mussoorie . Few of the must visit places are Lal Tibba, Company Garden, Kempty Falls, Clouds End etc.

Is Mussoorie worth visiting?

One of the most popular hill tourism destinations of India, Mussoorie is also famous for numerous adventure activities that it offers to the travellers visiting this tranquil town. Ranging from skywalk to zip line and zip swing adventure, this place has got a lot of options to choose from.

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Is Mussoorie safe for couples?

Yes. Mussoorie is safe for all.

Does Rishikesh have snow?

there is no snowfall in rishikesh . Normally snowfall is on above 2000 meters altitude in winter. Visit places like Auli, Mussoorie etc. for snowfall .

Is there snowfall in Auli?

Auli Weather in February Very cold with infrequent snowfall .

Where can I find snow in Mussoorie?

Snow Point of Mussorie – Gun Hill Asia. Uttarakhand. Dehradun District. Mussoorie . Mussoorie – Places to Visit. Gun Hill.

How far is Mussoorie from Dehradun?

Distance Between Dehradun to Mussoorie

Distance between Dehradun to Mussoorie by Road is 33 Kms
Distance between Dehradun to Mussoorie by Flight is 16 Kms
Travel Time from Dehradun to Mussoorie by Road is 0:49 hrs
Nearest Airport in Dehradun Jolly Grant (30.32, 78.03)
Nearest Airport in Mussoorie Jolly Grant (30.46, 78.07)

How can I go to Mussoorie by flight?

How to reach Mussoorie by Air. Mussoorie doesn’t have an airport of its own. The nearest available airport is Jolly Grant Airport at Dehradun. The distance between Mussoorie and Dehradun is only 34 km but as the airport is situated south of Dehradun, you will have to cover a distance of almost 60 km to reach Mussorie.

How can I go to Nainital from Mussoorie?

3 ways to reach Mussoorie There is a direct cab from Nainital to Mussoorie . The minimum time taken by a cab from Nainital is 3h 0m. The cheapest way to reach from Nainital to Mussoorie is cab to Kathgodam, then train to Haridwar Jn, then cab to Mussoorie and takes 9h 5m.

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