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Often asked: Kolkata to delhi distance?

How far is Kolkata from Delhi by train?

kolkata to new delhi Trains Route Details

Number of Trains from kolkata to new delhi 5 Trains
Distance from kolkata to new delhi By Train : 1446 Km
Fastest Train from kolkata to new delhi : HWH RAJ SPL(02302)
Slowest Train from kolkata to new delhi : KALKA MAIL SPL(02312)

How many hours journey is there from Kolkata to Delhi by car?

Distance Between Kolkata to Delhi

Distance between Kolkata to Delhi by Road is 1469 Kms
Distance between Kolkata to Delhi by Flight is 1304 Kms
Travel Time from Kolkata to Delhi by Road is 20:11 hrs
Nearest Airport in Kolkata Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose (22.57, 88.36)
Nearest Airport in Delhi Indira Gandhi (28.61, 77.21)

Is there any direct flight from Kolkata to Delhi?

A : Around 99 flights are flying daily from Kolkata to Delhi . Out of which 28 are direct and 71 are connecting flights on this route. Some major airlines between this route are IndiGo, Air India , GoAir, Spicejet, Vistara, AirAsia India and Air India Alliance.

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Is there any bus from Kolkata to Delhi?

Bus from Calcutta to Delhi The journey from Calcutta to Delhi is smoothly covered by a bus in 9 hours. There are operators running their buses between Calcutta to Delhi bringing necessary travel convenience for several people in India. All buses are driven by experienced drivers ensuring safety during journey.

What is the fare of Rajdhani Express from Delhi to Kolkata?

The New Delhi -Sealdah Rajdhani departs from New Delhi at 4:25 pm on all days and reaches Sealdah station in Kolkata at 10:10 am on the next day. Fare for AC Tier 3 is ₹ 2,795, for AC tier 2 is ₹ 3,930 and ₹ 4,880 for AC tier 1.

How much time Rajdhani takes from Delhi to Kolkata?

Kolkata Rajdhani Express passes through 8 stations with 6 halts. It departs from Howrah Junction at 16:55 and arrives at New Delhi at 10:00 on the second day. Kolkata Rajdhani 12301 covers a total distance of 1458 km in 17 hours and 5 minutes and reaches its destination on day 2.

How many kilometers are there from Delhi to Kolkata by car?

The Distance between Delhi to Kolkata by road is 1469KM. The aerial distance from Delhi to Kolkata is 1304KM.

How can I take my car from Delhi to Kolkata?

Road Trip Planning 101. Delhi to Kolkata is around 1500Kms by roads (which include detours) so if you want to go slow then you can do 2 stopovers on the way – one at Varanasi and the other in Dhanbad or Asansol. But you can reach much earlier by covering more distance each day with a single stopover.

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How can I go to Kolkata from Delhi?

You can reach New delhi from Kolkata by travelling in a train . Kolkata to New delhi train takes approximately 17 h 15 m. You can catch a train from Kolkata and get down at New delhi . The price of the train ticket is approximately Rs.

How many airports are there in Delhi?

List of Airports in Delhi

Airport Name City Served Category
Indira Gandhi International Airport New Delhi International
Safdarjung Airport New Delhi Flying Club

Are flights operating from Kolkata to Delhi?

Check updated Kolkata to Delhi flight schedule and get full details of Kolkata to Delhi flights including airlines name, flight number, departure and arrival time, duration and ticket price. Kolkata to Delhi Flight Schedule .

Kolkata Delhi Cheap Flights Fare Date
Cheapest Fare Within 90 Days Rs 2983 03 May
Cheapest Fare Within 365 Days Rs 2983 03 May

Is there any direct flight from Kolkata to Chandigarh?

A : Around 56 flights are flying daily from Kolkata to Chandigarh . Out of which 2 are direct and 54 are connecting flights on this route. Some major airlines between this route are IndiGo, AirAsia India, GoAir, Vistara, Air India and Air India Alliance.

Is Kolkata better than Delhi?

Dirt wise and poverty wise, for a first time visitor there is honest-to-god no noticeable difference between Delhi and Kolkata (especially if you compare, say, Sudder Street with Old Delhi and Pahar-grunge), and as an urban space Kolkata is far more walkable and user-friendly, and less crowded, than Delhi .

What is RailYatri smart bus?

Popular Bus Routes

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Bus Route Departure Time Min. Fare
Shimla to Delhi 09:30 PM ₹ 595
Delhi to Manali 05:00 PM ₹ 799
Madurai to Bangalore 10:15 PM ₹ 549
Delhi to Ludhiana 08:30 PM ₹ 399

How can I go to Kolkata?

By Train. Kolkata has an efficient network of railways and is well linked to cities across the country. Superfast trains such as Rajdhani Express and Shatabdi Express connect Kolkata from Delhi and nearby places. There are two major railway stations in the city – one is located in Howrah and the other at Sealdah.

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