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Problem: Cheapest flight from delhi to goa?

What is the cheapest way to reach Goa from Delhi?

The cheapest way to reach from New Delhi to Goa is train to Pune Jn, then bus to Goa and takes 38h 15m. The fastest way to reach from New Delhi to Goa is flight to Goa International Airport and takes 2h 25m. The recommended way to reach from New Delhi to Goa is flight to Goa International Airport and takes 2h 25m.

How much is a flight from Delhi to Goa?

New Delhi Goa Cheap Flights

New Delhi Goa Cheap Flights Fare ₹ Airlines Name
Cheapest Fare within 30 days ₹4412* SpiceJet
Cheapest Fare within 90 Days ₹3484* GoAir
Lowest Fare to Travel ₹3484* GoAir

Which is cheapest flight from Delhi?

A: Go Air, Air India and IndiGo Airlines comes up to be the cheapest on the route and offers direct flights from Delhi .

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What is the cheapest way to go to Goa?

The quickest way to reach Goa from other cities in India is to take a domestic flight into Mumbai, from which Goa is only a 45-minute flight away. All the leading domestic airlines offer cheap fares to Goa , based on when you travel . Moreover, most metros now offer direct Goa flights too.

Is Goa costly?

Compared to most of the rest of India prices in Goa are relatively expensive , but compared to nearly anywhere else this place is a bargain. Even the food and drinks at the many beach restaurants are in line with places in town, so having drinks and a meal on the beach is definitely a bargain compared to Europe.

How much does a Goa trip cost?

Popular Goa Packages

Goa Packages Price (Per person on twin sharing) Nights
Goa Family Getaway Rs 8,999 3 Nights
Gems Of Goa Tour Rs 7,500 3 Nights
Goa Calling Rs 8,999 3 Nights
Short Trip to Goa – Weekend Getaway (Ex Mumbai) Rs 20,999 3 Nights

How much is a plane ticket to Goa?

Delhi to Goa Cheap Flights Fare

Delhi Goa Cheap Flights Fare INR Date of journey
Todays Lowest Fare Rs.6870* 17 Feb
Cheapest Fare within 30 days Rs.4412* 28 Feb
Cheapest Fare within 90 Days Rs.3627* 05 Apr
Lowest Fare to Travel Rs.3469* 20 Jun

How do I book a cheap airline ticket?

Use these 11 tricks to book cheap flight tickets Be flexible with travel dates. Go for local airlines . Use incognito when searching for flights . If possible, make payment in a currency cheaper than the Indian rupee. Book your flights well in advance. Set fare alerts. Identify the cheapest place to travel. Make use of flight points.

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How many airports are there in Goa?

The Goa international airport is located at Dabolim, 4 kilometers from Vasco da Gama. It is located on the outskirts of the city. There are two terminals – domestic and international.

Are flights operating to Delhi?

The scheduled domestic & cargo flights are operating normally. It is important that all passengers must check the latest COVID-19 protocol & visa norms from the concerned airline or embassy before commencing their journey .

Which is the cheapest flight route in India?

Here are some of the routes where air travel is a much cheaper option compared to train bookings: 5 routes where you can save on flight booking: New Delhi to Hyderabad. New Delhi to Bengaluru. Mumbai to Cochin. New Delhi to Chandigarh. New Delhi to Kolkata.

Which is the cheapest international flight from India?

The following table shows the cheapest routes from an Indian city to an international location. Fly away to another land.

Destination city Cheapest route Average fare
Bangkok Chennai – Bangkok Rs7,752
Kuala Lumpur Kolkata – Kuala Lumpur Rs7,915
Maldives Chennai – Maldives Rs9,043
Singapore Chennai – Singapore Rs9,669

How much money should I carry to Goa?

A descent 1-week trip should cost you about 10k considering daily budget of about 1500 Rupees, which includes budget room, meals, and motorbike with petrol.

How many days are sufficient for Goa trip?

The least you should plan for is 3 days : 1 day each for North Goa & South Goa, and one day for shopping and relaxing on a beach. If you have more time, keep 2 days for North Goa, 2 days for South Goa, and 1 day for shopping/beach.

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Is Passport required for Goa?

Yes, you can travel to Goa without a passport if you are an Indian citizen and even if you are a foreigner and traveling to India then you would need a tourist visa to enter India but will not need passport apart from the airport to be shown in the country.

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