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Problem: Delhi metro card recharge?

Can Delhi Metro Card be recharged online?

Here are the steps you need to follow if want to recharge your metro card online . Step 1: Visit (Official website of Delhi Rail Corporation Limited). Step 2: Then enter metro card information. Step 3: After that, enter the amount (Next to the ‘ Card ID’ option).

How can I recharge my Delhi Metro smart card?

Easily recharge your metro card . Use Debit Card /Credit Card /Net Banking/Wallet (Paytm) You can easily recharge your Metro Card . After successful online recharge , you have to go to Add value machine (AVM) at any of the Metro Stations. Easily recharge your metro card . You can easily recharge your Metro Card .

Can I check Delhi metrocard balance online?

Paytm also provides an easy way to check your Delhi Metro Card balance online and to do this, you will have to input your 12 digits smart card number. The three ways to check your Delhi Metro Card balance online and offline include the following: Ticket Reader Cum Add Value Machine. Automatic Vending Machine (AVM)

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How can I top up my metro card online?

Bangalore Metro Recharge Portal. Now recharge your Bangalore Metro smart card online . In just 3 easy steps you can recharge your smart card . Transaction History contain details of all the transactions done for smart card and can be seen after creating account on Bangalore metro website.

Can Delhi Metro card balance go negative?

Sometimes the card balance can go negative , but as it has your security deposit of Rs. 50/- it allows that (only once). You cannot start a journey with negative balance , that is not allowed. The card must be recharged at least once in a year.

What is the validity of Delhi Metro card?

Validity of Card : Ten Years from the date of purchase or the date of last recharge. Facility to check remaining balance on Card : Ticket Reading Machines available at all Metro Stations.

How can I recharge my metro card by phone?

How to Recharge the Metro Cards via PhonePe? Click on ‘ Metro ‘ in the PhonePe App. Select your region. Enter your metro card number. Select the recharge amount. Enter BHIM UPI pin and make your payments . After completing this entire process, tap your smart card on Automatic Vending Machine(AVM) to complete the recharge .

Can we travel in Metro without a card?

1. Since tokens are not sold, passengers will be allowed inside the station only if they carry Metro smart card . If any person not having a smart card wants to travel , he shall purchase one at the ticket counter by cashless modes.

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How do I activate my metro card?

How to login: METRO DIGITAL CARD app is for now applicable for all stores in India. Download the METRO DIGITAL CARD app. Enter your 10 digit metro customer & cardholder number as shown on your Metro card . Enter your mobile number registered with Metro Cash & Carry.

Is there any validity of metro card?

Add Value of Rs 200.00 will be done on the combo card when the balance of the smart card goes below Rs. 100.00 Later, Rs 200 will be debited from Passenger account and credited to DMRC account. Validity : Ten years from the date of purchase or the date of last recharge.

Can we return Delhi Metro card?

DELHI METRO SMART CARDS TO BE NON-REFUNDABLE ONLY FROM 01ST APRIL, 2017. 3) For both new cards sold after 1st April 2017, and existing cards converted to non- refundable and after 1st April 2017, only security deposit, after deduction of relevant charges, shall be returned on surrender of the card .

How can I get a metro card without a business license?

You can have these document if you own a business , hence it is not possible to get a METRO card without TIN. To apply for a METRO card below documents are mandatory, VAT License number. Company Identification Number. Scale License document. Trade License . Partnership Deed. Memorandum of Association.

Can I recharge Metro Card by Google pay?

How to recharge metro card using a digital wallet ? If you wish to pay using a digital wallet like Paytm or Google Pay , you will have to click on the ‘ Wallet ‘ option during ‘Step 7’ and click on ‘Paytm’ or ‘ Google Pay ‘ and proceed to ‘ Pay ‘.

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What is the balance on my MetroCard?

If you’re using your Metrocard on the bus, you can read your account balance on the farebox screen after you swipe it. Otherwise, locate a Metro information counter so a customer service agent can look up your balance .

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