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Problem: Delhi to corbett national park?

How can I go to Jim Corbett National Park from Delhi?

By Rail: Delhi To Ramnagar : The nearest railway station from Corbett is Ramnagar which is around 12 km from the park and the station is directly connected to the railway stations in Delhi . A direct train named Ranikhet Express runs from Delhi to Ramnagar which is the best train to reach Corbett from Delhi .

What is the best time to go to Jim Corbett?

The pleasant climate in the park makes it an ideal tourist spot all year-round, but the best time to visit Jim Corbett National Park is in winters. During that time , you can conveniently check out the length and breadth of the sanctuary and have fun exploring. You can also come in during the summers.

How many days are enough for Jim Corbett?

How many days are enough for Jim Corbett ? A. You might need roughly about 2-4 days for Jim Corbett and it would be great to see the other places around too like Corbett fall, Garjiya temple, Sitabani etc. You can also go to visit the nearby hill stations like Nainital.

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How is the road from Delhi to Corbett?

The distance from Delhi to Jim Corbett National Park is 244.3 km via car. You’ll require approximately 5 hours to reach the National Park.

What should I wear in Jim Corbett?

If you are going sometime in April or June – Light cotton shirts and light pants or shorts are recommended. Khakis and Cargos go well. Take along a dark pair of sunglasses and don’t forget your safari hats to complete the look (and for the functionality of it).

Is Jim Corbett safe?

Corbett National Park is quite a safe place to visit. Just follow the rules – dont get off your jeep during safari – sit tight on the elephant – dont roam around in jungle or the resort/resthouse where ever you are staying and you are all safe and sound! Anything can happen to anyone at anytime in this world!

Which is better Ranthambore or Jim Corbett?

Corbett has more than double forest area than Ranthambore . There are beautiful river at Corbett by name Ramganga and Kosi while there is no major freshwater river at Ranthambore . If u stay inside national park you have better chances of tiger sighting. Both these places are a 6 hour drive from Delhi.

How far is Jim Corbett from Delhi?

Distance Between Delhi to Corbett

Distance between Delhi to Corbett by Road is 255 Kms
Distance between Delhi to Corbett by Flight is 183 Kms
Travel Time from Delhi to Corbett by Road is 5:46 hrs
Nearest Airport in Delhi Indira Gandhi (28.61, 77.21)
Nearest Airport in Corbett Pantnagar (29.53, 78.77)
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Which safari is best in Jim Corbett?

According to Sightings Index by WildTrails, the best zones to visit for tiger sighting and safari tour in Jim Corbett National Park are the Bijrani safari zone, Dhikala Safari Zone and Dhela Safari Zone. The jeep safari tours are allowed in two shifts inside the Corbett tiger reserve in all of the tourism zones.

Can we take your own car in Jim Corbett?

Travelling Inside The Corbett Park Visitors are not allowed to use their own vehicles inside the park.

Is Elephant Safari available in Jim Corbett?

Corbett Elephant Safari Information The elephant safari is available only for those visitors who have previously booked their night stay permits inside the park for Dhikala or Bijrani Forest Rest houses. This facility is not available at any other rest house inside the Corbett National Park.

Is Jim Corbett a hill station?

Q. Is Jim Corbett a hill station ? A. Jim Corbett is a wildlife national park located in the picturesque hills of Nainital district in Uttarakhand state.

Which is better Nainital or Mussoorie?

Nainital is way better than mussoorie in every way. Naimital has everything mussorie has AND 60 lakes to out do it. The mall road of Nainital provides a perfect walk along the lake and has many good shops along it. The mall road of mussoorie is congested and not half as good as that of Nainital .

How can I book jungle safari in Jim Corbett?

If you are planning to visit Jim Corbett , you can book online Jeep Safari or Canter Safari for five different zones of the park namely Bijrani, Jhirna, Dhikala, Dhela and Durgadevi. Safari Booking at Corbett is managed by the forest officials as per the guidelines of India’s forest department.

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How far is Jim Corbett from Noida?

The distance between Noida and Jim Corbett National Park is 189 km. The road distance is 252.2 km.

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