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Problem: Train from delhi to mumbai?

How much is a train ticket from Mumbai to Delhi?

A. The current fare for Mumbai to New Delhi train tickets for 2nd AC on the Rajdhani Express (12431) is Rs. 4135.

What is the fare of Rajdhani Express from Delhi to Mumbai?

The New Delhi – Mumbai Central Rajdhani Express departs from New Delhi railway station at 4:25 pm on all days and reaches Mumbai Central at 8:15 am on the next day covering total distance of 1,384 kilometres. Fare for AC 3 tier is ₹ 2,725, ₹ 3,825 for AC tier 2 and ₹ 4,730 for AC tier 1.

Which train goes to Delhi to Mumbai?

BCT Duronto and HW LTT AC SF run between New Delhi and Mumbai without any halts. A total of 4 trains run directly between New Delhi and Mumbai Central which include NZM Bdts RAJ SPL, Mumbai Rajdhani, BCT Duronto and FZR BCT Janta.

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Is train running from Delhi to Mumbai?

The first train on this route is HW LTT AC SF and leaves Delhi at 00:10 am , and the last train from Delhi to Mumbai is HW BDTS SF EXP and leaves Delhi at 23:35 pm. There are 22 weekly trains and 9 daily trains that run from Delhi to Mumbai , covering the shortest distance of about 1384 km by MUMBAI RAJDHANI(12952).

Is food free in Rajdhani Express?

No, the food is not free in Rajdhani Express . The cost of food is already included in your tickets. While booking a ticket, it is optional for you to choose if you want catering services or not.

What is the cost of Rajdhani train?

Delhi-Mumbai Rajdhani Express train fares: At present, for the regular ticket, the base fare for AC 1st class is Rs 4,374 and minimum net fare is Rs 5,025. For AC 2-tier, the base fare is Rs 2,519 and minimum net fare is Rs 2,990. And, for AC-3 tier, base fare is Rs 1,736 and minimum net fare is Rs 2,160.

Is duronto better than Rajdhani?

Efficiency and speed The Duronto Expresses are one of the fastest trains in India. Some of these trains runs faster than Rajdhani Express trains which hold the record of the fastest long-distance trains in India. A feature exclusive to the Duronto is the LHB Sleeper coach.

Which is better Rajdhani or Shatabdi?

Shatabdi Expresses gets the highest priority, after which Rajdhani Expresses get the highest priority and overall second highest until Train 18 and Tejas express came in existence. All three series of trains have a maximum speed of about 120 km/h (75 mph).

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Can unmarried couple travel in coupe?

No one can guarantee allotment of a coupe . If the unmarried couple only travel through the coupe no questions will be asked. No one can guarantee allotment of a coupe . If the unmarried couple only travel through the coupe no questions will be asked.

Is food free in 1st AC?

Yes, food is available in most of the 1st class AC coach but it’s not free , you need to pay for it. Only Rajdhani, Shatabdi and Duronto Express can give you food free of cost, as they already charge you for same in your ticket fair.

How can I check train status?

A: To check the estimated time of arrival (ETA), use the ixigo trains app. Simply enter the five-digit train number or the name of the train and select the date to find the ETA. It will display the arrival or departure time of your train from where you have board the train .

Which is the most luxury train in India?

Maharajas’ Express : the most expensive train in India Operating since January 2010, Maharajas’ Express is the newest luxury train of Indian Railways and easily one of the most expensive in Asia. The train comprises 24 carriages, which include accommodation, dining, bar, lounge, generator and store cars.

Are trains running in India?

Currently, the Railways is operating 1,089 special train services, while Kolkata Metro was running 60 per cent of its services, Mumbai suburban was running on 88 per cent and 50 per cent of Chennai suburban services were in operation. “This year has been of grit and victories for Indian Railways .

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How many trains run from Delhi?

There are 177 weekly trains running from New Delhi . There are 56 trains originating , 62 trains passing and 59 trains terminating at New Delhi Railway station. The first train originating/passing from New Delhi departs at 00:10.

Is Garib Rath still running?

Production of new coaches of the Garib Rath Express have already been stopped as per the government order, the Railways authorities had said. To add to the Railway revenue, Garib Rath trains will be replaced by 3-AC express trains, sources had said. As of now, 26 pair of Garib Rath trains are run by the Railways.

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