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Question: Big chill delhi?

How do I order Big Chill online?

A fabulous addition to your Christmas celebrations! Shop online at order or walk into any of our outlets to place an order !

Does Big Chill home delivery?

Big Chill is Open For Takeaways & Delivery , And We’ve Never Been Happier!

What should I order in Big Chill?

Admit it: You go to Big Chill , scan the menu for a good 10 minutes and then end up ordering exactly what you always do. Four-Seasons Pizza. Smoked Chicken Salad With Sun-dried Tomatoes And Parmesan. Chicken Ravioli in Creamy Parmesan Sauce. Malted Banana Oreo Shake. Baked Penne Primavera (V) Tuna Melt. Baked Potatoes (V/NV)

Who is the owner of Big Chill?

The Big Chill Cafe is a chain of cafes located in New Delhi, the capital of India . The cafe is owned by Aseem Grover and Fawzia Ahmed . The Big Chill Cafe.

Big Chill Cafe
Restaurant information
Established 2000
Owner(s) Aseem Grover & Fawzia Ahmed
Food type enterprise and café food

Does Big Chill serve alcohol?

No, The Big Chill , Khan Market does not serve alcohol .

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