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Question: Delhi 2010 commonwealth games?

2010 Commonwealth Games

Logo of the 2010 Commonwealth Games
Host city Delhi, India
Athletes participating 4,352
Events 272 events in 21 disciplines
Opening ceremony 3 October

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The 2010 Commonwealth Games (officially known as the XIX Commonwealth Games), was a multi-sport event held in Delhi, India from 3 to 14 October 2010. It was the first time that India hosted the Commonwealth Games and the second time it was held in Asia after Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 1998.

What was India’s rank in 2010 Commonwealth Games?

For the first time in the history of the Games India won over 100 medals in total.

India at the 2010 Commonwealth Games
Medals Ranked 2th Gold 38 Silver 27 Bronze 36 Total 101
Commonwealth Games appearances (overview)

What was the name of the 2010 Commonwealth Games mascot?

Dahiya, however, is not just another face in the crowd. He was the man under the garb of ‘ Shera ‘, the mascot of the 2010 Commonwealth Games.

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Who won the medal in archery in Commonwealth Games 2010?

Mark Blenkarne of England with a score of 2,446/2880 points won the men’s gold medal and Neroli Fairhall of New Zealand with the score of 2,373/2880 points won the women’s gold medal . List of Probables for Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010 – Archery .

Sl No Name State / Unit
16 Tarundeep Rai SSCB

In which year India hosted the Commonwealth Games?

Host Nation India hosted the Games in 2010, at Delhi . It was India’s most successful Commonwealth Games to date with Indian athletes winning 38 gold, 27 silver and 36 bronze medals.

Who won the first Commonwealth Games?

Teams from Australia, Canada , South Africa, and the United Kingdom competed in athletics, boxing, wrestling and swimming events. Canada won the championships and was presented with a silver cup (gifted by Lord Lonsdale) which was 2 feet 6 inches (76 cm) high and weighed 340 ounces (9.6 kg).

In which country Commonwealth Games are held in 2010?

The vibrant city of New Delhi , home to 14 million people, hosted the Commonwealth Games in October 2010. This was the first time India has hosted the Games and only the second time the event has been held in Asia (Kuala Lumpur in 1998 was the first).

Who was the chairman of organizing committee of Commonwealth Games 2010?

Former Union Minister K P Singh Deo has been appointed chairman of the Sports and Games Technical Committee while Director General of Sports Authority of India Ratan Watal would be his deputy, Organising Committee secretary-general Lalit Bhanot said in a statement on Thursday.

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Which of the following cities will be the host of XIX Commonwealth Games 2010?

1. The XIX Commonwealth Games will be held in New Delhi from 3-14 October 2010 .

Who won the silver in recurve on 4th September 2010?

India’s Deepika Kumari and Dola Banerjee won the gold and bronze medal respectively, with Alison Williamson of England winning the silver medal, all firsts for their nations in the women’s recurve individual event.

Who won Commonwealth Games?

2018 Commonwealth Games medal table The 2018 Commonwealth Games (officially known as the XXI Commonwealth Games ), were a multi-sport event held in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, between 4 and 15 April 2018. The Solomon Islands won its first Commonwealth Games medal, a bronze won by Jenly Tegu Wini in the women’s 58 kg weightlifting event.

Which country will host Commonwealth Games in 2020?

This is due to be the third time England has hosted the Games, after London in 1934 and Manchester in 2002. 2022 Commonwealth Games.

Host city Birmingham , England
Motto Games for Everyone
Nations participating 72 Commonwealth nations (expected)
Athletes participating 5000
Events TBA in 20 sports

Who won the first gold medal in Commonwealth Games?

Commonwealth Games Medal Winners

1 1958 Milkha Singh
2 1966 Praveen Kumar
3 1970 Mohinder Singh Gill
4 1974 Mohinder Singh Gill
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