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Question: Delhi to jaipur train?

  • 12015 Daurai (Ajmer) Shatabdi Express: This is the fastest and most convenient train from Delhi to Jaipur, arriving in Jaipur in just over four hours. Ticket pricing is dynamic, meaning it fluctuates depending on demand. 12916 Ashram Superfast Express: Taking about five hours to reach Jaipur from Old Delhi, this is a fast option but can be slightly more expensive.

A: The best train from Delhi to Jaipur is the Ajmer Shatabdi express. It the fastest and cheapest means of transport. It starts from new Delhi railway station at 6.05 a. m. and it reaches Jaipur at 10.40 a. m

How much is a train from Delhi to Jaipur?

The current fare for New Delhi to Jaipur train tickets for AC Chair Car on the Ajmer Shatabdi (12015) is Rs. 875.

How long is the train journey from Delhi to Jaipur?

You can reach Jaipur from New Delhi by travelling in a train . New Delhi to Jaipur train takes approximately 3 h 46 m.

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How can I go from Delhi to Jaipur?

The minimum time taken by a train from New Delhi is 3h 55m. The cheapest way to reach from New Delhi to Jaipur is train to Jaipur and takes 4h 23m. The fastest way to reach from New Delhi to Jaipur is flight to Jaipur International Airport and takes 1h 0m.

How far is Jaipur from Delhi by car?

Distance Between Delhi to Jaipur

Distance between Delhi to Jaipur by Road is 269 Kms
Distance between Delhi to Jaipur by Flight is 235 Kms
Travel Time from Delhi to Jaipur by Road is 4:22 hrs
Nearest Airport in Delhi Indira Gandhi (28.61, 77.21)
Nearest Airport in Jaipur Jaipur International Airport (26.91, 75.79)

How safe is Jaipur?

Jaipur is not too dangerous for foreigners, but the safety index makes you think about your safety when coming there. Architecture palaces complexes amaze even the most experienced traveler. The only concern might be numerous pickpockets since violent crime is very rare. Petty crimes like theft and armed robbery occur.

Which is the best month to visit Jaipur?

There are only three distinct seasons in Rajasthan. One starts with scorching heat, unbearable and balmy hot spring- summer , followed by a brief but intense monsoon followed by dry yet warm winter . The best time to visit Jaipur is winter during the months of November to January.

Is Jaipur a costly city?

Summary about cost of living in Jaipur , India: Family of four estimated monthly costs are 1,108$ (80,464₹) without rent. A single person estimated monthly costs are 326$ (23,642₹) without rent. Jaipur is 75.32% less expensive than New York (without rent).

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How many days should I spend in Jaipur?

A two day stay in Jaipur is often sufficient to visit all of the major tourist sights and activities that the city has to offer.

How much is a taxi from Delhi to Taj Mahal?

Taxi Fare for Taj Mahal from Delhi (South Delhi)

Taxi / Car Type Price
Swift Dzire INR.5900
New Dezire / Zest INR.6100
Toyota Innova (MUV) INR.7800
Toyota Innova Crysta (MUV) Luxury INR.8500

Where should I stay in Jaipur?

The 6 Best Neighborhoods in Jaipur for Tourists In and near the Old City. Designed and built in the 18th century, there are surprisingly few places to stay within the walls of the Old City. Sansarchandra Road and Station Road. Bani Park. Near the Airport. Amber (Amer) Fort and Man Sagar Lake. Rambagh.

What are famous in Jaipur?

What Jaipur is Famous for Havelis. City Palace , Jaipur. Forts . Amer Fort . Museums. Albert Hall Museum . Shopping Markets. Banu Bazaar (source) Textiles. Bandhej as a textile is a famous handicraft in Jaipur. Chokhi Dhani . Chokhi Dhani . Teej Festival. Teej festival celebrations. Lac Bangles. Lac Bangles.

How far is the Taj Mahal from Jaipur?

Jaipur is located in India at the longitude of 75.79 and latitude of 26.91. Taj Mahal is located in India at the longitude of 78.04 and latitude of 27.17 . Driving Distance : 249 KM and 296 meters / 154.9 miles . Straight Line Distance : 225 KM and 400 meters / 140.1 miles .

Is Jaipur safe at night?

JAIPUR is SAFE … No doubt Jaipur is one of the fastest developing cities so it hase some influence of negativity.., but people in Jaipur are having a very adopting nature.. If you are living in the center of city then you will have all the security and you can roam freely even in night by 12 or more .

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Is Delhi Jaipur highway safe at night?

The highway NH8 Delhi Jaipur is a good highway to travel on. Night travel must be avoided on any highway in India unless it is a necessity. At night Trucks rule the road and can be the cause of : Highway shutting down.

Why is Jaipur called Pink City?

A romantic dusty pink hue — which has defined the city since 1876, after it was painted pink to welcome Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert — gives Jaipur its status as the ” Pink City ,” as it is commonly known.

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