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Question: Delhi to shimla flight?

  • The Delhi to Shimla flight duration on a non-stop flight is 1 hour 10 minutes approximately. In this time, you will cover the Delhi to Shimla distance of about 273 km to land at your destination. Log onto the website of and choose Delhi to Shimla flights on Air India.

Is there a flight from Delhi to Shimla?

About Delhi to Shimla flights The airline operating Delhi to Shimla flight today, is Air India. There is just 1 flight which operates daily between these two cities.

Does Shimla have airport?

Owned and managed by the Airports Authority of India, Shimla Airport is located in the hills approximately 22 km from the city and serves only domestic routes. Shimla Airport is one of the three table-top airports in India with a good connectivity to the city by taxis.

Is there any flight for Shimla?

Shimla Airport only has unscheduled flights and hence, Chandigarh Airport (125 km) is the nearest option, from where you can avail a bus or taxi to reach Shimla . Other airlines such as SpiceJet, Vistara and Air India offer connecting flights with stopovers at New Delhi, Ahmedabad and Bangalore.

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How can I go to Shimla from Delhi airport?

The best and most cost effective way is to take the Volvo to New Delhi Railway station and from there take Kalka Shatabdi and from Kalka take the toy train to Shimla .

Which is better Manali or Shimla?

The verdict is that Shimla is mainly a more crowded destination but all its attractions are quite close to the city center. On the other hand, Manali is mainly more for adventure seekers and best visited during winter season. So, if you’re someone who enjoys adventure sports, Manali is a good choice.

Which is the best time to visit Shimla?

Shimla – just the name evokes dreamy images of green, white and blue. The best time to visit Shimla is during May to June and December to January when romance and beauty are baked into every inch of the soil here.

Does Shimla have snow?

Shimla enjoys heavy snowfall in December and January, making it a perfect destination for snow lovers and winter sport enthusiasts from across the world. Though winter begins in November. The average maximum stands at low-twenties, while the minimum drops below 15 degrees.

How can I go to Shimla by flight?

By air : Shimla Airport or Jubbarhatti Airport, about 20 km from the city, is the closest domestic airport serving this beautiful hill station. There are regular flights for Shimla from cities such as New Delhi and Chandigarh. There are five flights available per week from Delhi as of now.

How can I travel to Shimla by flight?

By Air. Jubarhati, which is about 23 kilometres from the town, is the nearest airport. There are regular flights going from Jubbarhatti to Chandigarh and Delhi. You can easily get a taxi from the airport to get to Shimla or you can ask your hotel to arrange for an airport transfer.

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How can I go to Shimla from Delhi?

The fastest way to reach Shimla is by air, which takes you around 4 hours and 15 minutes from Delhi . Take IndiGo from New Delhi to Chandigarh, then take Tata Indigo from Chandigarh to Shimla . There is no direct flight connection between Delhi and Shimla .

How far is Shimla to Manali?

Distance Between Shimla to Manali

Distance between Shimla to Manali by Road is 248 Kms
Distance between Shimla to Manali by Flight is 126 Kms
Travel Time from Shimla to Manali by Road is 5:47 hrs
Nearest Airport in Shimla Shaheed Bhagat Singh International Airport (31.1, 77.17)
Nearest Airport in Manali Bhuntar (32.24, 77.19)

How far is Chandigarh from Shimla?

The Distance between Chandigarh to Shimla by road is 112KM . The aerial distance from Chandigarh to Shimla is 56KM .

How many days are enough for Shimla?

1 day is sufficient. Shimla is very small place and you just need one day to visit the places there. However 2 days stay will be comfortable if you are going up to Kufri. But Shimla is too much crowded with travelers.

How far is Shimla from Delhi by car?

Distance Between Delhi to Shimla

Distance between Delhi to Shimla by Road is 355 Kms
Distance between Delhi to Shimla by Flight is 277 Kms
Travel Time from Delhi to Shimla by Road is 6:21 hrs
Nearest Airport in Delhi Indira Gandhi (28.61, 77.21)
Nearest Airport in Shimla Shaheed Bhagat Singh International Airport (31.1, 77.17)

Is Ola available in Shimla?

Ola cabs has opened operations in Shimla , adding the hill station capital of Himachal Pradesh into its list of 100-odd operating cities. At present, only Mini and Sedan have been introduced, and searching via its app shows Shimla now within Ola’s reach. Introductory rates have been announced – Mini cabs begin at Rs.

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