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Question: Delhi weather in april?

>>New Delhi weather in April // weather averages. >>Current temperature and weather forecast for New Delhi.

New Delhi weather by month // weather averages.

Avg. Temperature °C (°F) 29.2 (84.5)
Precipitation / Rainfall mm (in) 14 (0.6)
Humidity (%) 29%
Rainy days (d) 2

Nog 11 kolommen

Is April a good time to visit Delhi?

April to June: This is the beginning of summer and when tourists generally tend to retreat. It’s the perfect time to have Delhi all to yourself and take advantage of off season hotel prices. During summers the temperatures can go up to 45 degrees Celsius. End May and June are the hottest months.

What is the best time of year to visit Delhi?

The best time to visit Delhi is from October to March when the weather is at its best . During this period flowers are at their blooming best , the weather is pleasent and enjoyable to experience Incredible Delhi .

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Does it rain in April in Delhi?

In April , in New Delhi , the rain falls for 5 days. Throughout April , 15mm (0.59″) of precipitation is accumulated. In New Delhi , during the entire year, the rain falls for 74.2 days and collects up to 305mm (12.01″) of precipitation.

Is April a warm month?

By mid- April , much of the region usually begins to shed the cold of winter and enjoy the milder temperatures of spring. The average first 70-degree temperature occurs from mid-March to mid- April for most of the region, but warm temperatures can come earlier.

Is India too hot in April?

You will find normal temperature neither too hot nor to cold. You can visit India in any month. Temp is going to be between 35-40 degrees celsius in April most of the time not above this.

Is it usually cold in April?

United States Weather in April You’re more likely to see cold temperatures and bad weather if the winter months were particularly harsh.

Is April a good time to visit India?

The best time to visit India is between October and March, when the weather is more likely to be warm, sunny, and dry. During this time , the north offers clear blue skies. However, December and January are much cooler, with potential fog, while the higher Himalaya can be very cold, but with clearer mountain views.

Which is the coldest month in Delhi?

The coldest month is January with an average maximum temperature of 21°C (69°F). July is the most wet month. This month should be avoided if you are not a big fan of rain. November is the driest month.

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Where do tourists stay in Delhi?

Convenient and Best Place to stay in Delhi for Tourists Connaught Place. Baba Kharak Singh Marg (CP) (source) Chandni Chowk. Chandni Chowk. Karol Bagh. Karol Bagh. Paharganj. Paharganj. Defence Colony. Defence Colony (source) Mehrauli. Mehrauli Road (source) Hauz Khas Village. Hauz Khas. Rajpath Marg. Rajpath Marg (source)

Why Delhi is so cold?

What is causing the dip in temperature? One of the main reasons is snowfall in high altitude areas north of Delhi , including places in Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, and Uttarakhand. Cold winds blowing from these areas lower temperature across northwest India every winter, including Delhi .

Why is Delhi so hot in summer?

Delhi’s proximity to the Himalayas results in cold waves that can dip minimum temperatures close to freezing. Delhi experiences a long, very hot summer which begins in early March when the winds change direction from the northwest to become southwesterly. These winds bring hot air from the Rajasthan desert region.

Why is it raining in April in India?

These rains normally occur from March to April , although their arrival is often difficult to predict. Their intensity can range from light showers to heavy and persistent thunderstorms. In India , the mango showers occur as the result of thunderstorm development over the Bay of Bengal.

How warm will it be in April 2020?

Overall, April global temperature was 1.91°F (1.06°C) above the twentieth-century average, making April 2020 the second-warmest April in the 141-year record. Only this past April and April 2016 (the warmest April on record) had global temperature anomalies above 1°C (1.8°F).

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What are normal temperatures for April?

April Temperature . During April , the average contiguous U.S. temperature was 50.9°F, 0.2°F below the 20th century average.

Why is it cold in April 2020?

One of the reasons for this is the strong polar vortex. The polar vortex is an area of low pressure over the poles and when it is strong, it typically keeps the coldest air over the Arctic. This has led to a lack of arctic air over the Lower 48. The polar vortex is expected to remain strong into late January.

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