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Question: New delhi to gurgaon?

How can I go from Delhi to Gurgaon?

The fastest way to reach from New Delhi to Gurgaon is bus to Gurgaon and takes 15m. The recommended way to reach from New Delhi to Gurgaon is train to Gurgaon and takes 16m. Train numbers 02958, 02066, 02916 etc. Buses from Shrinath Travel and Transport Agency ISO 9001 Certified, Gujarat travels, Amar Travels etc.

Is there any Metro from Delhi to Gurgaon?

The Yellow Line is one of the busiest lines in the Delhi Metro network, ferrying thousands of passengers from Delhi to neighbouring Gurgaon in Haryana. The route measures almost 49 km and has a total of 37 stations. It connects Samaypur Badli in north Delhi to HUDA City Centre in Gurugram .

How far is Gurgaon from New Delhi?

Distance Between Gurgaon to Delhi

Distance between Gurgaon to Delhi by Road is 30 Kms
Distance between Gurgaon to Delhi by Flight is 25 Kms
Travel Time from Gurgaon to Delhi by Road is 0:34 hrs
Nearest Airport in Gurgaon Indira Gandhi (28.46, 77.03)
Nearest Airport in Delhi Indira Gandhi (28.61, 77.21)
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How can I go to Gurgaon by Metro?

Delhi’s main areas like Civil Lines, DU North Campus, Chandni Chowk, AIIMS, ISBT are connected via Delhi Gurgaon Metro Line. Now you can reach Gurgaon from Delhi in AC comfort of Metro within one hour from the farhest point of Delhi. Rajiv Chowk to Gurgaon will take 45 minutes to reach .

Is Gurgaon safe today?

Gurgaon akka gurugram . One of the developing area of Haryana. However when it comes to safety the city is not safe unless you are in a crowded place like sec 29 or cyber city. At night you cannot plan to just step out of your house and have a 500 meters walk after your dinner.

What is Gurgaon famous for?

Gurugram, or Gurgaon, is famous for its theatrical shows and also known as the Kingdom of Dreams . It is also a hub for finance and technology and has many museums and temples as its main attractions.

Is Gurgaon Metro working today?

Current Status of the Delhi Metro Network : Delhi Metro today has a current operational network covering 156 kms approx. Delhi Metro today has a current operational network covering 156 kms approx. in Delhi and the National Capital Region ( Gurgaon and Noida) with 132 operational stations.

Is Gurgaon a metro?

Rapid Metro Gurgaon Ltd. Gurugram Rapid Metro is a light rapid transit (LRT) system serving the city of Gurugram , Haryana, India. Rapid Metro connects the commercial areas of Gurgaon , and acts as a feeder link to the Delhi Metro with an interchange with the Delhi Metro ‘s Yellow Line at Sikandarpur Metro Station.

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Is Delhi Metro Govt or private?

Delhi Metro is the largest and busiest rapid transit system in India connecting the country’s capital region with satellite cities. The metro system is operated by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), a public sector company established by the Government of India and the Government of Delhi in March 1995.

Is Delhi better than Gurgaon?

There are better amenities and infrastructure in Delhi . It is the capital of the country and has better access to all cities surrounding it . Delhi has no doubt a better living standard compared to Gurgaon .

Which city is better Gurgaon or Noida?

Gurgaon is at par with top global cities , though Noida is better planned. Noida has more open spaces and better infrastructure as compared to Gurgaon , but all the MNC’S, IT’s, ITeS are in Gurgaon and hence the real estate sector caters to the people who want the best. The crime rate in Noida is higher.

Which part of Delhi is near to Gurgaon?

Geography. Gurgaon is located in Gurgaon district in the Indian state of Haryana and is situated in the southeastern part of the state, and northern part of the country. The city is located on the border with Delhi with New Delhi to its northeast. The city has a total area of 232 square kilometres (90 sq mi).

How can I go from Delhi airport to Gurgaon?

Gurgaon is located about 18 km southwest of the Delhi airport (DEL) and is easily reachable via taxi or metro. A Welcome Pickups transfer service, is the most comfortable and fastest option, taking around 20 minutes to reach Gurgaon . The metro is an inexpensive way to reach Gurgaon , costing less than 1€.

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Which Delhi railway station is near to Gurgaon?

Major Railway Stations near Gurgaon Delhi Expy India Delhi Gurgaon Expressway India India

Station Train Frequency Distance
(NZM)H NIZAMUDDIN 250 21.45 Kms
(NDLS)NEW DELHI 347 23.1 Kms
(FDB)FARIDABAD 121 24.66 Kms

Does Gurgaon have an airport?

The nearest airport to Gurgaon is Delhi (DEL) Airport which is 12.2 km away. Other nearby airports include Jaipur (JAI) (217.6 km), Dehra Dun (DED) (223.6 km), Chandigarh (IXC) (246.8 km) and Gwalior (GWL) (268.5 km).

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