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Quick Answer: Bses delhi payment?

  • Payment Kiosk – BSES bill payment kiosks can be found in many areas across Delhi. What you have to do is visit the kiosk in between 8am and 8pm on any day between Sunday and Saturday (excluding public holidays) and pay your required bill. The kiosk address near your place is available in their website.

Can we pay BSES bill online?

See your bill online and pay You will be taken to page where you can see your current bill online . Click on the ‘ Pay ‘ button to initiate payment .

How can I pay through Neft with BSES?

In case of less payment , RTGS / NEFT may return back as per bank process. Please mention the code VBRE correctly for BRPL payments . Please Note:

Beneficiary Name BSES Rajdhani Power Limited
Beneficiary A/C No VBRE (Fixed) + 9 Digit Customer Account Number (Variable)
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How can I check my BSES bill or not?

19123 (24×7 Toll Free Helpline) 5616107 SMS. WhatsApp No . Registration. New Connection.

How do I pay my Bypl bill online?

If you choose Credit/Debit Card, you will have to enter your card details; alternately you will be taken to your Net banking site where you have to input your netbanking user id/password. Your payment will be authenticated over the gateway and your card or your bank account will be instantly debited.

How can I pay my electricity bill online in Delhi?

Pay your electricity bill online to BSES Rajdhani Power Limited and BSES Yamuna Power Limited in Delhi . Consumers can use their credit card, debit card, net banking and other payment options to pay the bill . To initiate the payment process the Contract Account number (CA No.) is required.

How can I check my electricity bill online in Delhi?

How to check BSES Rajdhani Bill Payment Status on Mobikwik Open the MobiKwik website or app. Go to ‘Recharge and Bills Payments’ Section. Click on Electricity and enter details like your operator and account details. You will be able to see the status of BSES Rajdhani bill payment.

Can we pay electricity through credit card?

Utility Bill Payments and Credit Cards Cardholders can now use their credit cards to also pay all their utility bills. Most banks allow individuals to pay their utility bills through their credit cards , but the process and rates charged vary across each institution.

How can I change my name in electricity bill online in Delhi?

Required Documents[edit] Consumer No. Copy and original of the payment receipt of last electricity bill . Attested copy of the sale deed of the premises to prove ownership. Copy of last tax receipt for the premises. Copy of card issued by electricity board (as applicable)

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How can I download BSES bill without registration?

Steps to Download BSES Duplicate Bill Online Step 1 : Visit the official website of BSES Delhi at Step 2 : Click on My Details and then Click on My Account. Step 3 : If you are not a Registered user, you need to Register First on BSES Site by clicking on New User link at the bottom.

How do I find my power meter number?

Meter numbers can be located directly on the Diverse Power meter , just underneath the kilowatt hours. It is typically an eight digit number . In the example shown, the Diverse Power meter number is 18486877. Meter number , location number and account numbers are all located on your Diverse Power monthly bill.

Is BSES Rajdhani Power Limited?

It is one of the three electricity distribution companies in Delhi, the other two being BSES Rajdhani Power Limited and Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited . BSES Yamuna Power Limited .

Type Public Private Company
Owners Reliance Infrastructure (51%) Government of Delhi (49%)
Parent Reliance Infrastructure
Website bypl

How can I download my old BSES bill?

“To get a duplicate bill , all a consumer has to do is save the BSES WhatsApp number in their phone’s ‘contacts’ list and send a WhatsApp message by typing #Bill9-digit CA (Customer Account ) Number and send it to 9999919123, and the duplicate bill will be WhatsApped,” it said.

How can I pay BSES bill through Paytm?

How to Make BSES Yamuna Bill Payment or Prepaid Recharge at Paytm ? Go to BSES Yamuna bill payment page on Paytm . Select your Board as BSES Yamuna. Select your District/Type as Bill Payment . Enter your 9-digit Consumer Number, to check where to find your consumer number on your bill , click on View Sample Bill .

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What is MDI in electricity bill?

Maximum demand term or Maximum demand indicator ( MDI ) Maximum demand register (kW or kVA). This is the maximum power value, usually the average of 15 minutes, reached during the billing period (this average time may vary depending on the country).

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