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Readers ask: Delhi airport customs?

How long does it take to clear customs at Delhi airport?

Standard time to clear immigration and custom is around 45 to 60 minute but can varry as per real time situations (line number of aircraft arriving the time around your arrival and also type of aircrafts). Day time is comperatbly less crowded and mid night to early morning busiest. 2.

How do I contact Indian customs?

For further assistance please contact the Indian Customs authorities directly. Indian Customs contact information. Telephone: +9123092978. Website:

How much time does customs clearance take in India?

Your package will probably reach you within 6 to 7 days from the time of shipment. If any duty is to be paid on the package, the courier company will collect the same from you when they deliver the package.

How can I get parcel from Delhi customs?

All you need is Delhi Customs Parcel tracking number. Enter Delhi Customs Parcel Tracking number in below online tracker system and click track button to track and trace your delivery status information instantly.

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How do I know if my package is stuck at customs India?

The best way to do this is generally through the courier’s website, where you will be able to find out what is happening. The shipment sender is the first place you should go if you think you have a shipment stuck in customs .

How much time does it take to come out of airport?

Median time to exit airports worldwide Blacklane finds that travelers’ worldwide median time to exit the aircraft, gather luggage, clear customs and immigration, and walk to their ride is 38 minutes for international flights. After domestic flights, the median time to exit airports is 23 minutes.

How much is customs clearance?

The customs clearance covers the process of preparing and submitting Customs Entry documentation to the CBP. This is also known as Customs Brokerage . Customs Clearance Fee Tips: The standard rate for Customs Clearance is around $50 for clearance with China’s Customs and $100-$120 for clearance with CBP.

How can I clear customs in India?

PROCEDURE FOR CLEARANCE OF IMPORTED GOODS Signed invoice. Packing list. Bill of Lading or Delivery Order/Airway Bill. GATT declaration form duly filled in. Importers/CHA’s declaration. License wherever necessary. Letter of Credit/Bank Draft/wherever necessary. Insurance document.

Can Customs open your mail?

Reuters is reporting that Customs and Border Protection is opening international mail coming into the U.S. without warrant. Sadly, this is legal. Congress passed a trade act in 2002, 107 H.R. 3009, that expanded the Custom Service’s ability to open international mail .

How much is custom clearance fee in India?

Most small agents will charge you around Rs. 4000-5000 for a small consignment clearing service,which is only thier agency charges as for all the actual charges that have to be paid to the customs department will be in excess of about 5000 onwards.

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Do Indian customs check every package?

No, they don’t immediately open your package without any reason. Your package wi definitely go through a scanner machine (x-ray) and screen your items. They will only instantly check what’s inside of your package if: Your package has been damaged when it reached the Customs office or desk.

Can I clear customs myself?

There is no legal requirement for you to hire a Customs Broker to clear your goods. However, many importers opt to do so for the convenience. Customs Brokers are licensed by U.S. Customs and Border Protection to conduct CBP business on behalf of importers.

How do I check customs on my package?

Track the package via the courier service through which you are receiving it or sent it, as U.S. Customs has no way to track packages . Most couriers provide a tracking option on their websites to track your package . Use the tracking code you received when you shipped your package .

How is customs duty paid in India?

To pay custom duty online, you can follow the steps below: Access the e- payment portal of ICEGATE. Enter the import /export code or simply key the login credentials given by ICEGATE. Click on e- payment . Check all the e-challans that are in your name. Select the challan which you have to pay and choose the payment method.

Does Indian customs work on Saturday?

Government offices are closed on Saturday and Sunday.

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