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Readers ask: Delhi to jaisalmer flight?

  • Delhi to Jaisalmer flights: There are no direct flights between Delhi and Jaisalmer. However, you can catch flights with 1 stop to go to Jaisalmer.

Does Jaisalmer have an airport?

The only way to get to Jaisalmer is via Jodhpur Airport which is the closest airport . You can also reach the city via train as Jaisalmer Railway Station is well-connected with Jodhpur, which in turn connects to all other major cities.

How can I reach Jaisalmer from Delhi?

Direct trains from Delhi , Jaipur and Jodhpur can be availed to reach Jaisalmer . The luxury train ‘Palace on Wheels’ can also be availed to reach Jaisalmer . On reaching the station, visitors can avail auto rickshaws and private taxis to reach to their respective destinations at nominal fares.

What is the name of Jaisalmer airport?

Jaisalmer Airport ( IATA : JSA, ICAO: VIJR) is located 17 kilometres southeast of Jaisalmer in Rajasthan, India.

How far is Jaisalmer from Delhi?

Distance Between Delhi to Jaisalmer

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Distance between Delhi to Jaisalmer by Road is 907 Kms
Distance between Delhi to Jaisalmer by Flight is 648 Kms
Travel Time from Delhi to Jaisalmer by Road is 14:40 hrs
Nearest Airport in Delhi Indira Gandhi (28.61, 77.21)
Nearest Airport in Jaisalmer Civil Airport Jodhpur (26.92, 70.91)

How many days should I spend in Jaisalmer?

Ideally 2 nights and 3 days are sufficient for jaisalmer ,but it is purely a matter of choice. The things you want to do might require little more time, so 3 nights should be adequate for you.

What is special in Jaisalmer?

The city is known for the grand fort that fences the city and other tourist attractions in Jaisalmer . These include, inter alia, Jaisalmer Fort, Gadisar Lake, Patwon Ki Haveli, Sadar Bazar, and Desert National Park. Taking a city sightseeing tour is one of the most desired things to do in Jaisalmer .

Is Jaisalmer safe?

Jaisalmer is a very safe city and security is high compared to other cities in Rajasthan. Though it is very close to the Pakistan border, visitors are not allowed to wander around the border areas. Unlike other cities, Jaisalmer has narrow lanes which are always crowded with hawkers and shoppers.

Is Jaisalmer worth visiting?

Jaisalmer is worth it only if you want to have desert experience. Jaisalmer is not only about camel safari or camping in the desert. It has a living fort (perhaps the only one in India), a few haveli’s (mansions) cum museum (like Patwon-ki-Haveli, Salim Singh ki Haveli), Ghadsisar Lake, a few Jain temples, Bada Bagh.

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Where should I stay in Jaisalmer?

Top 11 Jaisalmer Resorts Jaisalmer Marriott Resort And Spa . Suryagarh Palace. Mirvana Nature Resort And Camp. Desert Tulip Hotel And Resort. Club Mahindra Jaisalmer. The Mama’s Resort And Camp. Devi Desert Resort and Retreat. Heritage Queen Sam Desert Camp And Resort.

What is the best time to visit Jaisalmer?

The best time to visit Jaisalmer is from November to March when winter comes to the desert city offering a pleasing weather. This time the temperature remains between 5 degrees and 24 degrees centigrade. This is the best time to enjoy all the activities as pleasing weather will accompany you.

How far is Jaisalmer Airport from City?

Jaisalmer Airport is located in the suburb of Dhauwa, around 15 km to the southwest of the main town centre of Jaisalmer .

How many airports are in Rajasthan?

Currently, there are six Airports in Rajasthan , which handle the heavy inflow of tourists in the region. The following Rajasthan Airports will help you plan your trip: Jaipur International Airport .

Is there any direct flight from Delhi to Jaisalmer?

A : Around 2 flights are flying daily from Delhi to Jaisalmer . Out of which 1 are direct and 1 are connecting flights on this route. Some major airlines between this route are Spicejet.

Is Jodhpur safe at night?

Jodhpur is a pretty safe place to be in but don’t stay out till too late at night and don’t get too friendly with the locals either. Keep your distance and be alert at all times and appear confident and don’t look afraid or lost, irrespective of whom you meet.

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How far Mount Abu from Delhi?

Distance Between Delhi to Mount Abu

Distance between Delhi to Mount Abu by Road is 751 Kms
Distance between Delhi to Mount Abu by Flight is 632 Kms
Travel Time from Delhi to Mount Abu by Road is 12:25 hrs
Nearest Airport in Delhi Indira Gandhi (28.61, 77.21)
Nearest Airport in Mount Abu Maharana Pratap Airport (24.59, 72.72)
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