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Readers ask: Kingdoms of dreams delhi?

  • Kingdom of Dreams is in Gurgaon area, and it is easily accessible from most parts of Delhi. It is about 30 km away from New Delhi railway station, and 14 km from the airport. And here are the different ways to reach Kingdom of Dreams Delhi – By metro – IFFCO Chowk metro station (Delhi Metro Yellow line) is the closest to the Kingdom of Dreams.

What is the entry fees of Kingdom of Dreams?

2999.0 per person (Diamond) on weekdays (Tue-Fri), 3999.0 per person (Diamond) on weekends, 2499.0 per person (Platinum) on weekdays (Tue-Fri), 2999.0 per person (Platinum) on weekends, 1999.0 per person (Gold) on weekdays (Tue-Fri), 2499.0 per person (Gold) on weekends, 1499.0 per person (Silver) on weekdays (Tue-Fri)

Is entry free in Kingdom of Dreams?

Entry Fee For Kingdom Of Dreams The entry fee for diamond range per person on weekdays is Rs. 2,999/- and Rs. 3,999/- on weekends. The platinum range entry fee per person on weekdays is Rs.

Which show is best in Kingdom of Dreams?

If you can afford to go to KOD twice, then go for Zangoora first followed by Jhumroo . If you are planning a single visit to KOD, choose Jhumroo for a good story and melodious songs and Zangoora for witnessing an eye candy.

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How can I get ticket in Kingdom of Dreams?

The tickets for kingdom of dreams is available at venue itself. The tickets can be purchased online also but at times the link may be down. Also, do check the timings for show before booking .

Who runs the Kingdom of Dreams?

2 billion, Kingdom of Dreams is run by the Great Indian Nautanki Company (GINC), a joint venture between Apra Group and Wizcraft. The destination consists of two theatres, Nautanki Mahal and the Showshaa Theatre, and a cultural and cuisine area known as Culture Gully.

Is camera allowed in Kingdom of Dreams?

Are cameras allowed inside kingdom of dreams and the Zangoora show? Photography is strictly prohibited in the Nautanki Mahal, including mobile camera phones. You will have to deposit your camera and related camera equipment or baggage before entering the Nautanki Mahal. There is a locker facility provided for the same.

What Is Culture Gully in Kingdom of Dreams?

A walk around Culture Gully at KOD is a visual treat where you can witness vendors selling arts, crafts, and food. Culture Gully is a long boulevard at the Kingdom of Dreams which is fully air-conditioned and spread across 100,000 square feet under a breath-taking skydome.

Is Kod still open?

King of Diamonds Miami Gentlemen’s closed its door in November 2018 after going bankrupt. A new strip club bearing the name KOD Miami sprung up roughly a year later.

What is KOD in Gurgaon?

The Kingdom of Dreams , also known as KOD sits majestically in Gurugram (Previously Gurgaon ) and is India’s first live entertainment, leisure and theatre destination. Sprawling over a massive area of six acres, the leisure and entertainment destination was inaugurated in September 2010.

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