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Readers ask: Marriage registration in delhi?

If the marriage is solemnized in Delhi but the applicants were not residing in Delhi, application for registration of the marriage shall have to be made to office of the Deputy Commissioner in whose jurisdiction the marriage has been solemnized.

Is marriage registration compulsory in Delhi?

The Delhi ( Compulsory Registration of Marriage ) Order, 2014 will be applicable to all marriages solemnized in Delhi irrespective of caste, creed and religion of the brides and grooms. Dharampal said government has decided to make registration of marriages mandatory in compliance with a Supreme Court order in 2006.

Can marriage be registered online in India?

To ease this situation, some of the state governments have introduced online marriage registration online . In India , one can register the marriage under, The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955. The Special Marriage Act, 1954.

What documents are required for marriage registration in India?

Documents Required Completely filled application form signed by both husband and wife. Proof of Address- Voter ID / Ration Card / Passport , Driving License. Proof of Date of Birth of both husband and wife. 2 passport sized photographs, 1 marriage photograph.

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Is Aadhaar card mandatory for marriage registration?

Yes, Husband and wife both should have valid Aadhaar card number. This Aadhaar card number will be used during the entire marriage registration process. Aadhaar card number must be linked with mobile number.

Is Hindu marriage valid without registration?

The marriage has been solemnized according to Hindu rituals. The fact that it has not been registered does not affect the validity of the marriage . So the marriage subsists for all legal and practical reasons. There is no question of the marriage being a nullity due to it not being registered .

Can parents be witness for marriage registration?

Whatever the case maybe, for a marriage to get solmenised in the marriage registrar’s office, the couple have to have three witnesses . These can be family members, family friends, friends or even colleagues.

How can I do court marriage without parents?

How to do a secret marriage in court without letting the parents know about the same There should not be subsisting valid marriage of either of the parties with any other person. The bridegroom should be of twenty-one years, and the bride should be of eighteen years of age.

Is it necessary to register marriage in India?

With no compulsion for registration of marriages in India , it is necessary that the Central Government makes provisions to register all marriages , that have taken place in their States/Union Territories or elsewhere. Thus, all marriages in whatever form, should be registered in order to secure women from harassment.

How can I check someone’s marital status?

Go to the courthouse of the city where the marriage was likely to occur. Public records can be useful for finding out whether someone is married now, or what their marriage history has been in the past. Marriage records are public; you can usually see a copy for free or for a small fee.

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Is temple marriage legal in India?

The marriage performed in a temple is valid in the eyes of laws . The ceremonies must be performed, if it is a Hindu marriage . The temple must issue an authorized certificate of marriage or alternatively, a duly signed document to act as an evidence of solemnization of the marriage .

Why is marriage registration important?

A marriage certificate is an important document to have for married couples in India. It serves as the legal proof of marriage between two individuals. Getting their marriage registered and having a marriage certificate is necessary for married couples in order to avail a number of services/facilities in the country.

Is court marriage possible one day?

25 Answers. Sir in one day or two court marriage is not possible , the special marriage act notice period is of one month and there is requirement of id proof and residence proof. If you can arrange all the documents of yourself and your fience and submit in court and after 30 days you may marry .

What is the procedure for love marriage?

Documents needed to apply for Marriage Certificate in Karnataka Completely filled application form, duly signed by both bridegroom and bride. Original wedding card. Proof of address of bride and bridegroom – Passport/ Voter ID Card/ Driving License/ House Rent Agreement/ Telephone Bill or Electricity Bill.

Is US marriage certificate valid in India?

You have to apply afresh for marriage certificate from the office of marriage registrar in India . You can register your marriage before the Indian Consulate even without any social marriage , 3. Your marriage as per USA law will nor be valid in India unless endorsed by India Court.

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How can I prove my marriage in India?

Documents Required: The complete Application Form. Passport Size Photographs. The Marriage Certificate document issued by the Minister of Priest who performed the marriage . Proof of Residence and Age of the Parties. An Affidavit certifying the mental and marital status of both parties.

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