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Voda customer care number delhi?

How do I contact Vodafone Customer Care by phone?

Or, you can call customer care on the numbers below. From Vodafone phones : 1907 for Billpay, Broadband, Landline & TV. 1747 for Pay as you go. From abroad / non- Vodafone phone : +35312038232 (normal rates)

How do I complain to Vodafone?

Vodafone Customer Care Number, Toll Free Number, Email Address Vodafone Customer Care: Vodafone users can make note of Vodafone Customer Care Number mentioned below to contact the company Customer service team and register your complaints . Vodafone Customer Care Number : 9884098840 / Vodafone Care on +91 9820098200.

How can I speak to Vodafone executive?

Originally Answered: How do I talk to a Vodafone executive ? Dial 199 or 198 for complaints.

What is the customer no of Vodafone?

helpline details

Vi™ Helpline Number Details Vi™ Contact Number
Customer Helpline (Long Code) xxxxx12345
Complaint Helpline (from your Vi™ Mobile Number ) 198
Complaint Helpline (Long Code) xxxxxxx198
VAS Deactivation 155223
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Is the 191 Vodafone number free?

Call Vodafone customer services on 191 free from a Vodafone Pay monthly mobile, or 03333 040191 from any other UK phone (standard charges apply).

Is a 1800 number free?

1800 numbers let customers call for free Callers using mobile phones may still pay a rate determined by their service provider. Pays all call costs. There is no free talk time component for 1800 numbers . Call cost is typically charged at a per-second rate.

How do I write a complaint letter for bad customer service?

Complaint letter sample for poor customer service Write down what you are complaining about exactly. Include the necessary supporting factors such as your account of what happened, verbal exchanges, and even documents and records if applicable. Express what action you want taken in relation to the complaint that you have made. End in a positive and genial tone.

How do I escalate a Vodafone complaint?

Escalation of complaints can be done by contacting the nodal officer. Address: Vodafone India Limited. 2nd Floor, Skyline Icon, 86/92, Andheri Kurla Road, Marol Naka, Near Mittal Industrial Estate, Andheri East, Mumbai 400059, India.

How do I contact a complaint to TRAI?

Please write to us For General Queries. E-mail ID : ap[at] trai [dot]gov[dot]in. For Consumer Complaints . E-mail ID : daca[at] trai [dot]gov[dot]in. For RTI Queries. Visit website :

How can I talk to Idea executive?

Idea Customer Care India : Toll Free Number: 198 (All over India from Idea Mobile) Customer Care Number : 12345 (chargeable at 50p for 3 minutes for agent access) For service details dial *121# Email: customercare@ idea Website: www. ideacellular.

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How can I get in touch with HDFC customer care executive?

Get in touch with us for your Banking needs on our easy to remember numbers. Now you can access your Accounts, Credit Cards, Loans, Demat Account and Investment Services by calling on a Single Number .

HDFC Bank Customer Care Phone Banking Numbers in India
Ahmedabad 079 61606161
Mumbai 022 61606161
Pune 020 61606161

How can I complain to idea?

Idea Customer Care Number Karnataka Queries & Request : +91 9844012345. Complaint Number : +91 9844000198. Fax Number : +91 8022098312.

Why my idea number is not working?

Make sure you are on LTE/WCDMA/GSM mode. Some phone reads 4G/3G/2G mode or Auto mode. If you are on 2G only or 3G only mode then switch it to Auto mode. Now go to Network settings and in “search network” Select Choose network Automatically.

Is Vodafone 1555 free call?

If you miss a call from our team, you can give us a call on 1555 from your Vodafone phone or 1300 650 410 from any phone.

How do I reactivate my Vodafone number?

How to Reactivate your Deactivated Vodafone Number Try to request re-activation via Vodafone customer care. Visit nearest vodafone store and submit reactivation request. Provide Address and Photo Id proofs. You may receive a confirmation call and then your number will be re-activated.

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