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FAQ: Things to do in chennai india?

20 Must-Visit Attractions in Chennai, India

  • Marina Beach. Chennai’s Marina Beach is famous around the world for being the second-longest urban beach in the world.
  • Fort St. George.
  • Government Museum, Egmore.
  • Fort Museum.
  • St.
  • Kapaleeswarar Temple.
  • Santhome Cathedral Basilica.
  • Guindy National Park.
  • Madras Crocodile Bank Trust.
  • Birla Planetarium.

What is Chennai most famous?

Places to Visit in Chennai:

Marina Beach Valluvar Kottam
Thousand Lights Mosque Elliot’s Beach
Dakshinachitra Ashtalakshmi Temple
Government Museum Mylapore
Guindy National Park Sri Parthasarathy Temple

What should I not miss in Chennai?

10 Top Things to Do in Chennai Kapaleeswarar Temple. The Kepaleeshwara Temple is one of the best places to visit in Chennai. Marina Beach. The Marina Beach is a landmark that is almost synonymous with the name of Chennai itself. Rippon Building. Varadaraja Temple. Senate House. Christ the King Church. Vivekananda Illam. Elliot Beach.

What is Chennai India known for?

Chennai is nicknamed “The Detroit of India “, with more than one-third of India’s automobile industry being based in the city. Home to the Tamil film industry, Chennai is also known as a major film production centre. Chennai is one of the 100 Indian cities to be developed as a smart city under the Smart Cities Mission.

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Is Chennai worth visiting?

Chennai is the capital city and seat of power of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, which has been the home of the Tamil language for more than 2,000 years. If not for its present merits, the city is worth paying a visit to just to be in the presence of a culture and a language that predates even the Roman Empire.

What is famous to buy in Chennai?

From local shops selling detailed metal works from Thanjavur, exquisite stone carvings from Mamallapuram, traditional products like Pattamara mats, bronze and brass castings and silver jewellery from Kumbakonam, leaf handicrafts from Tirunelveli, and shimmering silks from Kanchipuram to well-equipped and enormous malls

Where can I go with my girlfriend in Chennai?

18 Places to Visit in Chennai with Girlfriend for the Perfect Marina Beach, Chennai. Marina Beach | #1 of 18 Best Places to Visit in Chennai with Girlfriend. Besant Nagar Beach, Chennai. Covelong, Chennai. Dakshinachitra, Chennai. Muttukadu Boat House, Chennai. Guindy National Park, Chennai. Anna Zoological Park, Chennai. Theosophical Society, Chennai.

What can we do in Chennai at night?

Things to do in Chennai at Night: Catch a Night time Movie. Go for a Peaceful Stroll along Marina Beach. Immerse yourself in the rich culture of South at Kalakshetra. Gather your tribe and go for a pub crawl. Venture out in the world of supernatural in the city. Watch a movie at an Open Air Theatre with your friends.

Which tourist place is open now in Chennai?

Must Visit Places in Chennai Marina Beach. India’s largest beach is right around the corner when one is in Chennai. Fort St. George. Thousand Lights Mosque. Elliot’s Beach. Ashtalaxmi Temple. Vellankani Shrine. Dakshina Chitra. Guindy National Park and Snake Park.

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Where can I spend a day in Chennai?

10 Interesting Places to Visit in Chennai in 1 Day Sri Parthasarathy Temple. Government Museum. Valluvar Kottam. Santhome Cathedral Basilica. Kapaleeshwarar Temple. Marina Beach. Semmozhi Poonga. T. Nagar.

Can I wear shorts in Chennai?

4. Don’t ever wear anything too short or revealing in Chennai, if you don’t want to be petrified with excruciating glares of the people. No matter how tempted you are to free yourself off the clothing baggage, drop the idea and dress wisely and decently!

Is Chennai safe for female?

CHENNAI: Most cities in India have earned the reputation of being notoriously unsafe for women, but Chennai has consistently been on top of the safety index. Mercer’s 21st annual Quality of Living survey 2019 shows that in the 105th place, Chennai ranks as Southern Asia’s safest city.

What clothes to wear in Chennai?

Men usually wear a dress called veshti ( lungi ) and shirt. However, due to the modernization of Chennai, people are commonly seen wearing western attires including shirts, jeans, and t-shirts. Although, western wear is not very popular except in the urbanized areas.

What is Chennai famous food?

Street food of Chennai Idli and Sambhar, a common dish in Chennai. Dosai Chutney Hotel Saravana Bhavan. Onion Tomato Uttapam. Pongal with chutney,sambar,vada. Vada sambar chutney. Milagaai Bajji or Chilli Bhajji. Biriyani. Pista Kulfi.

Is Chennai dangerous?

Chennai, the capital city of the State of Tamil Nadu, is regarded as one of the safest cities in India. Violent crimes in Chennai, especially ones directed against foreigners, have traditionally been uncommon.

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Which beach is famous in Chennai?

Top 11 Beaches To Visit In Chennai Marina Beach. Besant Nagar Beach. Breezy Beach. Kovalam Beach. VGP Beach. Santhome Beach. Thiruvanmiyur Beach. Palavakkam Beach.

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