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Quick Answer: Eb2 india prediction?

  • EB2 India Predictions for Green card movement. EB3 will stay ahead of EB2. Both queues may reach 2014 quickly in 2022. Be ready with documents. The USCIS Jan to Mar 2021 i485 approval data has been released and it is not encouraging. USCIS will have to make efforts equal to climbing Mt. Everest if they want to avoid wastage.

How many EB2 India applications are pending?

how many eb2 india applications are pending? Per CATO Institute, Estimations show that that there are around 560,000 + applications pending in the EB2 category for FY2020.

How long does it take to get green card in EB2 India?

For EB-2 Green Card submitted on November 15, 2004 is being processed for Indian Nationals ( born in India ). That’s about 10 years wait. But, in theory, it takes about 4 to 6 years.

Is EB3 better than EB2 for India?

The first key difference between the EB2 and the EB3 visa is their preference categories. Both are employment-based visas. However, the EB2 visa is the second-preference employment visa and the EB3 visa is the third-preference employment visa. This means that EB2 visas are slightly preferred over EB3 visas.

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How long will it take for EB2 Green Card?

Under the standard EB-2, an employer must sponsor the foreign national and go through the Labor Certification process. This process can take six to eight months for the Department of Labor steps alone and waiting periods for a green card for applicants from countries like India and China can add years the process.

Is EB1 current for India?

All Worldwide EB categories will remain current in March 2021. EB-1 China and India Final Action dates will move forward by 7 months to August 1, 2020. EB-2 China will move forward by 1 month to July 15, 2016. EB-2 India will advance by 3 months to January 15, 2010.

How long is the wait for EB2 India?

Indian green card queue waiting numbers issued by USCIS. If the same amount of 2879 Green cards are issued to EB2 India every year from now, which seems like a case without any carryover from other categories, the Indian EB2 skilled worker has a wait of about 151 years.

How long does EB2 process take?

As a general overview, the EB2 visa processing time usually takes about 18 months from start to finish, but it can take up to several years in certain cases (depending on your country of birth).

Can I apply for EB2?

To apply for an Advanced Degree EB2 Visa, the applicant must hold at least a master’s degree or its equivalent, or a bachelor’s level degree with a minimum of five years of increasing experience. The job the applicant is applying for under the EB2 visa must require an advanced degree or the equivalent qualifications.

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Is EB2 faster than EB3?

EB2 and EB3 have priority dates that are very close. Technically everyone from EB3 can and will upgrade to EB2. That is why in FY 2017, EB3 got more green cards than EB2. So in the future, EB3 will start moving faster and people in the EB2 wait list might downgrade to EB3 as it will be faster.

Will EB2 India move forward?

Chance of EB3 Dates Moving Forward The chances are good that the dates for India EB2 (FA) will keep moving forward from Oct 2020 to Sep 2021 due to the spillover from family-based green cards.

How many green cards are issued each year for India?

Currently, the number of green cards issued each year is limited to 140,000. The backlog for India is so huge that even when these 200,000 people are no longer on the waitlist, the timeline for the surviving Indians will still stretch over six decades the author’s predictions show.

Can we apply i140 from India?

PERM and i140 can be filed even if you are outside USA after 6th year. Example: PERM and i140 can be filed and approved even if you left US to work from India.

Can I upgrade from EB2 to EB1?

Many people have to wait to receive an EB-2 green card. But as excited as they are for their new card, it can take a few years until they finally receive their document. As a result, many consider EB2 to EB1 porting, as EB-1 waiting times are not as long as the ones for EB2.

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Can I apply for EB1 and EB2 at the same time?

It is possible to file two petitions such as an EB2 NIW and a EB1 -A at the same time, which many of our clients did. There is nothing stated in the law that prohibits multiple filings and the cases should be adjudicated independently.

Who is eligible for EB2?

You must have have an advanced degree or its equivalent, which is a bachelor’s degree plus five years of progressive work experience in the field. Acceptable documentation includes: An official academic record showing you have a U.S. advanced degree (or a foreign equivalent degree); or.

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