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Readers ask: Toyota prius price in india?

Toyota Prius Ex-Showroom price is ₹ 45.09 Lakh.

Toyota Prius Price.

Variants Price
Prius Z8 1798 cc, Hybrid, 26.3 Km/l, Automatic ₹ 45.09 L (Discontinued)

Toyota Prius Price (GST Rates) in India starts at ₹ 45.09 Lakh. Check out Toyota Prius Colours, Review, Images and Prius Variants On Road Price at Home

Manufacturer: ToyotaOffer Count: 1

Is Toyota Prius available in India?

Rs. The Toyota Prius is a petrol hybrid sedan that is available in India as a Completely Built Unit. Engine capacity the Prius is a 2ZR-FZE four cylinder engine which is paired to a 70 hp electric motor and the powertrain is mated to a CVT automatic transmission.

How much is the cheapest Prius?

Above-Average Base Prices: The base price for a Prius is $24,525, which is about $1,600 more than some of its direct competitors like the Honda Insight. At $32,650, the fully-loaded model starts a few thousand more than these alternatives.

Is Prius a luxury car?

Plus, explore efficient hybrid cars like the Prius Prime and Highlander Hybrid. This Toyota hybrid luxury car features a head-turning aerodynamic silhouette and a hybrid drivetrain for thrilling luxury hybrid performance with every drive.

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Is a Toyota Prius worth it?

Low cost of oil changes and other maintenance like brakes, which only need to be done about every 150,000 to 200,000 miles. All of these things make the Prius a very affordable car to buy used, do a few repairs if necessary, and drive happy. These reasons alone make the Prius worth it, but wait, there is more.

Why is Toyota Prius so hated?

Prius drivers tend to drive slowly Yet another reason why the Toyota Prius is the hated on isn’t due to the car itself. Rather, it’s due to Prius owners and their collective driving behavior. Driving slowly on highway onramps. Driving slowly while getting onto the highway.

Which is best electric car in India?

Top Electric Cars in the Indian Market Tata Nexon EV. With a 3 Phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor, the Nexon EV is one of the most impressive EV SUVs out there. MG ZS EV. Tata Tigor EV. Hyundai Kona Electric. Mahindra e2oPlus. Mahindra e-Verito.

How long will Prius last?

Here is the short answer to how long Toyota Prius last? Even though it is a hybrid, the Toyota Prius can last up to 250,000 miles in top shape. If you drive, on average, 15,000 to 20,000 miles yearly, you can use your Toyota Prius for 12 to 16 years.

Which Prius should I buy?

The first-generation Toyota Prius from 2,000 to 2,003 is smaller and slower. The second-generation Prius from 2004 to 2009 are a better bet, depending on which model year you choose. And the third-generation Toyota Prius that began in 2010 has a better fuel economy.

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Is a Prius expensive to maintain?

Maintenance costs According to Consumer Reports, the Toyota Prius isn’t just affordable to maintain, it’s more affordable to own overall. It’s gas mileage, for one thing, is so efficient that it blows most average cars out of the water, saving you a ton of money every year in gasoline alone.

What cars do millionaires drive?

But for the majority of America’s wealthiest people, the popular trend is to go with a mainstream car. According to Dave Ramsey, about 61 percent of America’s wealthiest people actually drive Hondas, Toyota, and Fords.

What’s the most expensive Toyota?

Take one look at Toyota’s website and you’ll quickly realize that the Land Cruiser is not only the most expensive SUV, but it’s also the most expensive model the brand makes.

Is Prius better than Corolla?

Averaging 51 miles per gallon in the city, the Prius has the edge over Corolla in cost of operation. The Prius also has a tighter turning radius. The Corolla has more pep than the Prius. It is nearly two seconds faster going from zero to 60 MPH.

Why do car guys hate Prius?

Car guys hate this in the Prius because they think it is an insult on their man hood. Car guys also think that Prius, because it is an eco car means that they have to consider the environment, and change their habits from the steak eating, beer drinking man of men they are.

Can you sleep in a Prius?

The Prius Tent by Habitents is one such improvement. Designed to slip around the open tailgate of a Prius with no modifications to the body, the Prius Tent makes use of the trunk and folded-down back seats to provide a more spacious sleeping area, whether you ‘re camping or making an impromptu overnight stop.

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