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FAQ: India inflation rate history?

India inflation rate for 2019 was 3.72%, a 0.22% decline from 2018.

India Inflation Rate 1960-2021.

India Inflation Rate – Historical Data
Year Inflation Rate (%) Annual Change
2019 3.72% -0.22%
2018 3.95% 0.62%
2017 3.33% -1.62%

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Historically, from 1969 until 2013, the inflation rate in India averaged 7.7% reaching an all-time high of 34.7% in october 1974 and a record low of -11.3% in May 1976. The inflation rate for Primary Articles is currently at 9.8% (as of 2012).

What is the rate of inflation over the last 10 years?

The average annual inflation from 1990 through the end of 2018 was 2.46%. Well, the total cumulative inflation for the 28 years from January 1990 through November 2020 is 102.40%.

What is the inflation rate for the last 5 years?

U.S. inflation rate for 2019 was 1.81%, a 0.63% decline from 2018. U.S. inflation rate for 2018 was 2.44%, a 0.31% increase from 2017. U.S. inflation rate for 2017 was 2.13%, a 0.87% increase from 2016. U.S. inflation rate for 2016 was 1.26%, a 1.14% increase from 2015.

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What is India’s inflation rate in 2050?

However the price of the same product in 2050 is INR 50,775. Here the inflation calculator estimates the future inflation (expected inflation) rate. Also, had Ms Harini invested the same amount for 30 years, the value of her investment by 2050 would be INR 1,22,453 at an expected rate of return of 11.25%.

What is current inflation rate in India?

India CPI Inflation, IIP Growth Rate: India’s retail inflation, which is measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPI), eased to 4.06 per cent in the month of January 2021.

What is China’s inflation rate?

** Preliminary figure published by the National Bureau of Statistics of China in January 2021.

Inflation rate in China from 2010 to 2020 with forecasts until 2025.

Year-on-year change
2021* 2.68%
2020** 2.5%
2019 2.9%
2018 2.1%

What was the rate of inflation in 2020?

Projected annual inflation rate in the United States from 2010 to 2021*

Inflation rate
2020* 0.62%
2019 1.81%
2018 2.44%
2017 2.14%

What is a good inflation rate?

The Federal Reserve has not established a formal inflation target, but policymakers generally believe that an acceptable inflation rate is around 2 percent or a bit below.

What has the rate of inflation been since 2000?

The 2000 inflation rate was 3.36%. The current year-over-year inflation rate (2020 to 2021) is now 1.68% 1.

Why is inflation so low?

Greater trade in goods and services, and tighter connections between financial markets worldwide, may be influencing the U.S. inflation rate more than we know. If, for example, another region’s economy is slowing, or simply not growing as fast as our own, there could be a dampening effect on prices and wages worldwide.

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What will be value of 1 crore after 20 years?

You want to save Rs 1 crore after 20 years but by the time you actually have accumulated Rs 1 crore, it’s worth could be only Rs 25 lakh! Yes, assuming average inflation during the next 20 years to be at 7 per cent, you will fall short of becoming a crorepati by almost Rs 75 lakh.

How can India beat inflation?


  1. ASSETS LIKE GOLD AND REAL ESTATE: Gold is considered an ideal hedge against inflation.
  2. DIVERSIFY GEOGRAPHICALLY: Asset allocation is critical.
  3. INFLATION-INDEXED BONDS: These bonds are a great way to beat inflation as they are designed to protect both principal and interest.

WHO calculates inflation in India?

The consumer preference for a cheaper goods affects the consumption basket at costs, for the increased expenditure on the cheaper goods takes time for the increased weight and measuring inflation. The Boskin Commission has measured 1.1 per cent of the increased inflation in USA every annum.

Why inflation in India is so high?

Why is India’s inflation so high amid the pandemic? Many may argue that the spike in inflation could be an outcome of proactive policy response. However, India’s inflation has historically been driven by high food prices. A major reason, for post-lockdown high inflation is supply disruptions along with spike in MSPs.

Which country has lowest inflation rate?

In 2020, Qatar ranked 1st with a negative inflation rate of about 2.17 percent compared to the previous year.

The 20 countries with the lowest inflation rate in 2020 (compared to the previous year)

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Inflation rate compared to previous year
Panama -0.83%
Bosnia and Herzigovina -0.78%
Switzerland -0.77%
Cyprus -0.63%

Can FD beat inflation?

As it is, the interest rates offered by banks barely manage to beat inflation. But it gets worse when tax is deducted from the interest income – then the returns on FDs could fall below the rate of inflation.

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