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FAQ: What gifts to take to india from usa?

  • It has been a tradition to bring in special gifts as souvenirs which bring you close in a relationship. Let it be an ace MacBook or marked watches, a gift from the US is longed. Here is a rundown of things you could purchase from USA to India. 1. Mac MacBook Pro (Price Difference Up To $500)

Because if you are going to buy things from USA to India, you better make sure you live up to the expectations of your folks back in India. 1. Apple Macbook Pro (Price difference up to $500) 2. Branded Watches (Cheaper in USA than India) 3. Kitchen Utensils (High quality stuff from USA) 4. Super Foods like Quinoa seeds, Chia Seeds 6.

What gifts can I take from USA to India?

Now, here is a list of things you could buy from USA to India.

  • Apple Macbook Pro (Price difference up to $500)
  • Branded Watches (Cheaper in USA than India)
  • Kitchen Utensils (High quality stuff from USA)
  • Super Foods like Quinoa seeds, Chia Seeds.
  • iRobot Roomba Vaccum Cleaner.
  • Men’s Jackets (For friends)
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What is the best gift from USA?

The Best Made in the USA Gifts for Your Loved Ones

  1. Hand-Stamped Coffee Spoon. Shop at
  2. Stainless Steel Tumbler. Shop at
  3. Hawaiian Face Scarf.
  4. Avocado Tree Project Ultra Moisturizing Sampler Set.
  5. Literary Tote Bag.
  6. American Flag Shirt.
  7. Old English Number Necklace.
  8. Personalized Ocean Marble Glass Cutting Board.

How can I send gifts to India from USA?

  1. How to send gifts from USA to India. There are numerous websites that offer to send gifts to India.
  2. Indian gift portal. The Indian gift portal offers you a wide range of gifts for weddings, anniversary, birthdays and more.
  3. Taj online.
  4. Gifts across India.
  5. Amaze Gifts.

What should I bring back from India?

15 Must-Buy Souvenirs from India

  • 3 Kurtas and Sarees.
  • 4 Pickles.
  • 5 Decorative containers.
  • 6 Blue Pottery.
  • 7 Jewelry.
  • 8 Spices and Ayurvedic Oils.
  • 9 Indian Tea. It is common knowledge that Indian tea is one of the best in the entire world.
  • 10 Madhubani Paintings. This is a very special art-form called Madhubani art and is specific to the Mithila region.

Is gold cheaper in USA or India?

There are very fair priced dealers in the US, but also many expensive ones. Since gold is prevalent in India you’re odds are more likely for a better price (more competition). Also in India smaller size bars are easier to acquire. ETF’s are generally cheaper in the US.

What things are cheaper in India than USA?

Many things are cheaper in India than in the USA, so if you’re planning a trip to India and want to go shopping… you are going to find a “shopper’s paradise,” according to my enthusiastic aunt.

  • Tailor-made Clothes.
  • Custom Furniture.
  • Wooden Toys.
  • Artwork.
  • Books.
  • Indian Spices.
  • Prescription Medicine.
  • Doctor & Dentist Visits.
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How can I send gift to USA?

How can I send gifts to USA from India, UAE, UK, Canada & Other Countries? Ferns N Petals is online gift portal where you will always find a large collection of gifts. Visit our website, choose your gifts and place your order for USA from India, UK, UAE, Canada & other Countries.

Can I send gift to India from USA Amazon?

You can buy from the USA on dvds, books, the kindle, toys, headphones, clothing, jewelry, kitchenware and so on. And Glopal will handle the rest until it’s delivered to your home in India.

Can I send an Amazon gift card from us to India?

Enjoy your amazon gift card. You can order online and use the gift card. They do ship to India but there will be shipping + import charges.

How can I send a gift to India?

How To Send Gifts to India? 10 Easy Ways

  1. Gift Basket Overseas. Gift Basket Overseas is a company that delivers all types of gifts including special gift requests to India in just 1-2 days.
  2. Taj Online.
  3. Gifts 2 India Online.
  4. Awesome Ji.
  5. Gifts to India 24×7.
  6. Gifts n Ideas.
  7. Talash.
  8. US 2 Guntur.

What is the best gift from India?

12 Indian souvenirs that you make for perfect gifts

  1. Traditional Indian paintings. The colourful country of India has a legacy in paintings and other canvas related artwork.
  2. Authentic Indian curry powder.
  3. Pickles.
  4. Assam silk.
  5. Kondapalli toys.
  6. Kashmiri carpets.
  7. Spices.
  8. Sarees and kurtas.

What is a good gift for an Indian woman?

So, here are some examples of ideal gifts for Indians.

  • Sweets – in India, you can never go wrong with sweets on any occasion.
  • Electronic gadgets.
  • Knives, disposable razors.
  • Perfumes and toiletries.
  • Household Items.
  • Toys and books (for children)
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Is stuff cheap in India?

Getting un-branded, generic clothes is generally much cheaper in India. Most of the typical fruits and vegetables are much cheaper in India. More so when and if you happen to shop at the wholesale outlets. Most of the Indian cooking based spices and masala are much cheaper in India than in the US.

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