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Often asked: Chevy cruze price in india?

Versions Last Recorded Price Specifications
LT [2016-2017] ₹ 13.38 Lakh 1998 cc, Diesel, Manual, 17.3 kmpl
LTZ ₹ 13.73 Lakh 1998 cc, Diesel, Manual, 17.3 kmpl
LTZ AT ₹ 14.65 Lakh 1998 cc, Diesel, Automatic, 14.81 kmpl

Chevrolet Cruze is amongst premium sedan from the General Motors which is priced in range of INR 13.75– 16.15 lakh for the Indian car market.

Why are Chevy Cruze so bad?

The Chevy Cruze also reportedly had oil leaks from the engine, cooler lines, and transmission seals. The earlier models in this generation of Chevy Cruze even experienced complete transmission failures. Another GM service bulletin reported electrical problems caused by loose negative battery cables.

Is Chevrolet closed in India?

General Motors stopped selling cars in India by the end of 2017. However, it continues to provide support for existing customers.

What is the price of a 2020 Chevy Cruze?

The 2020 Chevrolet Cruze in one of lowest-based subcompacts on the market today with a base MSRP of approximately $17,000. Even the higher-end trims stay well below $25,000 with their upgraded interiors and safety enhancements.

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What is the mileage of Cruze?

Chevrolet Cruze Mileage

Fuel Type Transmission ARAI Mileage
Diesel (1998 cc) Manual 17.3 kmpl
Diesel (1998 cc) Automatic 14.81 kmpl

Does Chevy Cruze last long?

The Chevrolet Cruze can reportedly last up to 150,000 to 200,000 miles before major parts will require replacement. Going by the average mileage driven by Americans annually (15,000 miles), the new Chevrolet Cruzes should be good for another 10 to 13 years.

Is Chevy Cruze worth buying?

Buying used

That said, while the Chevrolet Cruze is a fantastic looking car that is equally fun to drive, it might not be the best when it comes to maintenance. Spares and running costs are expensive, especially when compared to the other cars in its class.

Why did Chevrolet fail in India?

Their cars were priced from Rs. 3 lakhs to Rs. 30 lakhs. The frequent changes to the model line-up meant that resale value of GM cars was very poor and with the reliability not being the best, customers had good reasons to not come back to the brand.

Why did Fiat fail in India?

Even the Punto and Linea came across as very beautiful cars and they stood out for a lot of reasons. However, the brand image took a beating because of various issues like the failed joint ventures, the inconsistent quality of their cars, the unsatisfactory service experience and the lack of new and modern products.

Why did Chevrolet stop in India?

General Motors has announced that it plans to stop selling Chevrolet brand cars in India at the end of 2017. The company currently runs two production facilities in the country. The move comes after GM’s efforts at expanding its market share in the country failed to make much traction.

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Is there a 2020 Cruze?

The Chevrolet Cruze was discontinued in 2019, and not produced in North America for the 2020 model year.

What is replacing the Chevy Cruze?

Holden ended manufacturing of the Cruze at its Elizabeth plant on October 7, 2016, replaced by the Astra hatchback and new generation Cruze sedan—both imported.

How is the Chevy Cruze rated?

The Chevy Cruze ranks at a 4.0 out of 5.0 for reliability, making it above average for reliability. It also has an annual repair cost of about $545, which is much lower than average ownership costs on other vehicles.

Is Chevrolet Cruze expensive to maintain?

The estimated maintenance cost of Chevrolet Cruze for 6 years is Rs 1,06,594. The first service after 1000 km, second service after 7500 km and third service after 15000 km is free of cost.

Which is best mileage car?

Best Fuel Efficient Cars

  • 1. Hyundai Grand i10 Nios. 5.19 – 8.41 Lakh | 25 kmpl.
  • 2. Hyundai Aura. 5.92 – 9.30 Lakh | 25 kmpl.
  • 3. Tata Altroz. 5.69 – 9.46 Lakh | 25 kmpl.
  • 4. Honda Amaze. 6.24 – 10.01 Lakh | 25 kmpl.
  • 5. Hyundai I20. 6.80 – 11.33 Lakh | 25 kmpl.
  • 6. Hyundai Verna.
  • 7. Ford Figo.
  • 8. Ford Aspire.

Can I buy Chevrolet Cruze in India?

Castrol. I have my eye on a 2011 Chevrolet Cruze. Also, with GM having exited India, and the fact that the Cruze has long been discontinued, spare parts availability will be an issue. You could end up buying a white elephant; so it’s best to stay away from it.

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