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FAQ: Ford ecosport india?

Is Ford EcoSport a good car in India?

The ford ecosport is an absolute beast in the sub compact suv segment because of it’s great safety and performance. Its a real suv feel inside the car , Lovely for long drives, Excellent steering control on highways and in city too. Mileage in city is around 16.5 kmpl and on highways is 21 kmpl.

Is Ford EcoSport a good car?

For the 2019 model year, U.S. News reported that the EcoSport had a respectable reliability rating of 3 out of 5, which gives it relatively average reliability. The EcoSport looks even better when it’s compared to the other SUVs in its segment.

Is EcoSport worth buying in 2020 in India?

Though the 2020 Ford EcoSport may not be the highest performer in its class, it does have a variety of reasons for the SUV to be considered. Much of this can be seen in how cost-effective the vehicle can be, as its base model is more affordable than many of its competitors.

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Is EcoSport worth buying in 2020?

Should You Buy The 2020 Ford EcoSport Petrol Titanium? Priced At Rs. However, considering the Trend is not a value for money variant, the Titanium variant doesn’t really bridge the price gap with the base Ambiente variant. Thus, it doesn’t earn our recommendation.

Is Ford EcoSport good for long drive?

The big tank of the EcoSport makes it a car to be taken on long drives . Brakes lack bite under hard braking. A bit slow at times, but the system has a myriad features, and it sounds really good .

Why EcoSport is the best?

1) Head-Turning Design. The design of the EcoSport is quite unique. This urban compact SUV gives you the look and feel of the most you can get out of a proper SUV within this price range. The spare wheel which hangs at the tailgate brings out the SUV within this car.

Is Ford discontinuing the EcoSport?

We expect the current-generation Ford EcoSport to continue being offered until the 2022 model year, at which point it should be replaced by an all-model for 2023.

Which EcoSport model is best?

The Ford EcoSport is available in 5 variant options with the Titanium S being the top-spec one. The Titanium features significant differences from its sibling variants . The Ford EcoSport costs between Rs. 8.17 to 11.71 lakh ex-showroom.

Which is better Ford EcoSport or Creta?

The Creta petrol has a claimed mileage of 15.8kmpl, lower than the EcoSport with any of the two engines. The EcoSport’s 1.5-litre diesel engine puts out 10PS more power than the 1.4-litre diesel engine of the Creta . On paper, the 1.4-litre diesel Creta generates 15Nm more torque than the EcoSport .

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Is Ford EcoSport expensive to maintain?

The average maintainance cost for the first 2 years is not more than 3500 inr for the petrol version and less than 5000 for disel version. It is easy to maintain unless you are not buying some parts of the vehicle which makes the maintenance expensive .

Is the Ford EcoSport safe?

The NHTSA ranks the Ford EcoSport with an overall four out of five stars. The tiny crossover did earn five stars in crash testing simulations. But frontal crashes and rollover testing proved to earn four stars.

Which color is best for EcoSport?

Ford EcoSport Colours Lightning Blue. Absolute Black. Diamond White . Moondust Silver. Smoke Grey. Race Red. Canyon Beige Metallic.

How long will a Ford EcoSport last?

Ford claims the Ford EcoSport can reach 100,000 miles before developing serious problems that will need expensive repairs. However, consumer reviews say that the vehicle attains its peak around 45,000 miles. Overall this means you can expect your Ford EcoSport to last upwards of seven years .

Is EcoSport better than Nexon?

EcoSport has 1498 cc (Diesel top model) engine, while Nexon has 1497 cc (Diesel top model) engine. As far as mileage is concerned, the EcoSport has a mileage of 21.7 kmpl (Diesel top model)> and the Nexon has a mileage of 21.5 kmpl (Diesel top model).

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