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FAQ: Iphone xs price in india?

Apple iPhone XS Price in India

Product Name Price in India
Apple iPhone XS (64GB) – Gold ₹ 62,999
Apple iPhone XS (256GB) – Space Grey ₹ 64,999
Apple iPhone XS (256GB) – Gold ₹ 79,899
Apple iPhone XS (512GB) – Gold ₹ 99,900

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Apple spent surprisingly little time talking about the new features of the flagship iPhone models — a lot more information has come out since, which makes them seem like bigger upgrades than one had initially thought. Apple iPhone XS (256GB) price in India starts from ₹ 70,900.

Brand: AppleOffer Count: 2Price Range: ‎₹62,999 – ‎₹103,900

Will iPhone XS price drop in India?

iPhone XS Max gets a massive price cut of Rs 43,000 in India : 5 reasons why it’s still a bad deal |

Why is the iPhone Xs so cheap?

The main reason is simple: price. The iPhone XS is now relatively affordable , thanks to the fact it has been replaced by the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. The phone still functions brilliantly, it looks more or less identical to Apple’s iPhone 11 releases, and it has a brilliant camera.

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How much is the iPhone XS right now?

Apple iPhone XS, 64GB, Silver – Fully Unlocked (Renewed)

List Price : $649.99
Price : $326.00
You Save: $323.99 (50%)

Is iPhone XS good phone?

Running the iPhone XS through the Geekbench CPU testing process showed that it’s the most powerful phones we’ve ever used: a score of 11,481 is over 1,000 higher than the iPhone X from last year, and better than any phone we’ve tested.

Should I buy iPhone XS 2020?

The iPhone XS was released in 2018 but even in 2020 , it can be a great buy and at the price of Rs 54,999 it surely is a good deal. Although we think that the iPhone 11 is an even better deal, at a slightly higher price. For instance, the iPhone XS an OLED display whereas the iPhone XR and iPhone 11 have an LCD display.

Does Apple still sell iPhone XS?

Apple’s 2018 iPhone models, now discontinued. Apple’s iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max feature 5.8 and 6.5-inch display sizes, upgraded cameras, faster A12 Bionic chips, better displays, faster Face ID, and up to 512GB storage.

Should I get iPhone XS or 11?

iPhone XS is a smaller phone with a better screen, but otherwise the two phones are comparable. For a direct upgrade from iPhone XS , Apple’s 2019 flagship iPhone 11 is your best bet.

Should I get iPhone XS or XR?

The iPhone XR will be best for most people; it costs a lot less than the XS and gets you a larger screen, batter battery life and the same great performance. The XS is for those who want the very best display quality and dual rear cameras.

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What’s better XR or XS?

iPhone XS also has a more advanced, edge-to-edge OLED display, with higher resolution than iPhone XR . However, iPhone XR , with its True Tone Liquid Retina display is unlikely to disappoint. iPhone XR will do pretty much anything iPhone XS will do – but iPhone XS has the edge when it comes to camera and screen.

Why is iPhone XS discontinued?

They discontinued the XS since it could affect the sales of the newer handhelds. Additionally, the iPhone XS has a lot of specifications that are close to that of the iPhone 11, and 11 Pro. This lack of truly evolutionary new features on the newer phone models would have also forced Apple to discontinue the XS .

Is iPhone XS waterproof?

According to Apple , the new iPhones can survive dunking in up to 3m of water for up to 30 minutes. “ iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are splash-, water- and dust-resistant, and were tested under controlled laboratory conditions with a rating of IP68 under IEC standard 60529 (maximum depth of 2 metres up to 30 minutes).

What are the problems with iPhone XS?

Here are some of the most common iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max issues that users are reporting and what you can do to fix them. Charging Issue: Network Signal Reception is Weak. Freezing issue: Aggressive Camera Smoothening: Bluetooth Connectivity Problems . Faulty Green Line In Display. The Data and Wi-Fi speeds are slow.

Why iPhone XS is the best phone?

The Apple iPhone XS offers a faster experience, a tougher shell, and an improved camera that really impresses. The main difference between this and the current iPhone 11 Pro that replaces it is the camera setup, which is much better for low light and night shots.

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