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FAQ: Population density of india?

2“>India 2020 population is estimated at 1,380,004,385 people at mid year according to UN data. India population is equivalent to 17.7% of the total world population. India ranks number 2 in the list of countries (and dependencies) by population. The population density in India is 464 per Km2 (1,202 people per mi2).

  • The population density in India is 464 per Km 2 (1,202 people per mi 2). The total land area is 2,973,190 Km2 (1,147,955 sq. miles) 35.0 % of the population is urban (483,098,640 people in 2020)

The population density of India in 2019 was 415.67 people per square kilometer, a 1.02% increase from 2018. The population density of India in 2018 was 411.48 people per square kilometer, a 1.04% increase from 2017.

Which state is highest population density in India?

Population Density

State with Highest Population Density West Bengal
State with Lowest Population Density Arunachal Pradesh
UT with Highest Population Density Delhi
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What is the population density of India in 2020?

The population density of India in 2020 was 419.80 people per square kilometer, a 0.99% increase from 2019.

What is the rank of India in population density?

Population density is calculated as population divided by total land area. European city-state of Monaco is the most densely populated country with a population density of 26,337 people per sq. Population density (UN)

Code IND
Rank 28
Country/Territory India
Density (2020) per sq km 464.1
per sq mile 1,202

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Which country has highest population density than India?

Bangladesh has more population density than India which is 51,703 persons per square kilometre.

Which is the richest state in India?

Maharashtra – GDP Rs.27.96 lakh crore Maharashtra is one of the most important states in India, is actually the richest State in India as far as our indices are concerned.

Who is the poor state of India?

Chhattisgarh is the poorest state, with 39.93% of the population living below the poverty line. Since 2004, up till 2011-12, there was a nominal reduction of poverty, from 40.9% to 39.93%. Chhattisgarh was followed by Jharkand, with 36.96% of the population living below the poverty line.

How old is India?

India is home to one of the oldest civilizations in the world. From the traces of hominoid activity discovered in the subcontinent, it is recognized that the area now known as India was inhabited approximately 250,000 years ago.

Why is India so populated?

Most of India’s population increase by mid-century will be due to demographic momentum, meaning that even as fertility rates fall below replacement levels, the large numbers of young people will continue to boost the country’s population , says P.

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Which Indian state has highest population 2020?

Uttar Pradesh is most populus state is India followed by Maharashtra and Bihar.

What are the 5 most densely populated countries?

Macao, Monaco , Singapore , Hong Kong and Gibraltar are the five most densely populated. Singapore has nearly 8,000 people per km2 – more than 200 times as dense as the US, and 2000 times that of Australia.

Which is most densely populated city in India?

List of India’s Top 10 District by Density per sq. km as per 2011 Census data

Rank District State
1 North East Delhi Delhi
2 Central Delhi Delhi
3 East Delhi Delhi

Which country has lowest population density?

Mongolia has the lowest population density of any country in the world. Population density is calculated by the average number of people in an area or the number of individuals per unit area. For instance, the Earth’s population is about 7,500,000,000 and Earth’s total surface is about 510,000,000 square kilometers.

What is the most densely populated country on earth?

Monaco led the ranking for countries with the highest population density in 2019, with 26,150.3 residents per square kilometer. The world’s smallest country, the Holy See, came in 7th with 1,815.9 people per square kilometer.

What are the top 10 most densely populated countries?

Here is a ranking of the top 10 most densely populated countries in the world: Macau (Population density: 21,055/km²) Monaco (Population density: 19,150/km²) Singapore (Population density: 8,109/km²) Hong Kong (Population density: 6,677/km²) Gibraltar (Population density: 5,620/km²)

Which is the most densely populated country in Asia?

Asian Countries by population (2021)

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# Country (or dependency) Density (P/Km²)
1 China 153
2 India 464
3 Indonesia 151
4 Pakistan 287
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