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Marriage certificate india?

As the foreign embassies in India as well as in countries outside India, do not recognize traditional marriages, the Marriage Certificate is mandatory for the couple to travel abroad using a spouse visa. Enables a spouse in claiming life insurance return or bank deposits in case of demise of the Insurer or depositor without any nominee.

How can I get marriage certificate in India?

Documents Required Completely filled application form signed by both husband and wife. Proof of Address- Voter ID/ Ration Card/ Passport, Driving License. Proof of Date of Birth of both husband and wife. 2 passport sized photographs, 1 marriage photograph.

Can I get marriage certificate online in India?

To ease this situation, some of the state governments have introduced online marriage registration online . A marriage certificate is a legally binding documentary proof of marriage between you and your spouse in India . In 2006, the Supreme Court made it mandatory to register all marriages in India .

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How long does it take to get a marriage certificate in India?

At present, it takes 7-15 days for marriages to get registered and for the issuance of certificates . The couple needs to be present in office to fill in Form 1 and 2 and the application for registering marriage .

Is marriage certificate mandatory in India?

People often debate whether to have their marriage registered in court or not. The Supreme Court of India , in 2006, made it mandatory to register all marriages in the eyes of the law, making it an important certificate to prove your relationship with your spouse.

How can I prove my marriage without certificate in India?

12 Answers non registration does not affect validity of marriage . if marriage is not registered wedding invitation cards , wedding photographs are sufficient to prove that marriage has taken place. mere wedding invitation cards is not sufficent to prove the marriage .

What is use of marriage certificate in India?

A marriage certificate is an important document to have for married couples in India . It serves as the legal proof of marriage between two individuals. Getting their marriage registered and having a marriage certificate is necessary for married couples in order to avail a number of services/facilities in the country.

How can I check my marriage registration online in India?

How To Track Status- First of all, you have to visit the official website of your State Government. After that found out the Link for Marriage Registration on State portal. Click on the check Marriage Registration Status Link. Enter the Acknowledgment Number or Application Number and then Click on the Submit Option.

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How can I do court marriage without parents?

How to do a secret marriage in court without letting the parents know about the same There should not be subsisting valid marriage of either of the parties with any other person. The bridegroom should be of twenty-one years, and the bride should be of eighteen years of age.

Is Aadhaar card mandatory for marriage certificate?

“Sub-registrars may use Aadhaar as one of the identity proof, but it is not compulsory ,” said a new circular issued on Wednesday. By the new clarification, couples do not have to provide Aadhaar cards if they have other photo identity cards .

Is marriage in Temple valid?

The marriage performed in a temple is valid in the eyes of laws. The ceremonies must be performed, if it is a Hindu marriage . The temple must issue an authorized certificate of marriage or alternatively, a duly signed document to act as an evidence of solemnization of the marriage .

Is church marriage certificate legal in India?

Under the Special Marriage Act, 1954 any ‘two persons’ can perform a marriage . The inter –religious or inter – communal marriages are possible in India only under the Special Marriage Act, 1954. A marriage in a church has no legal sanctity under the Christian Marriage Act unless both i.e man and woman are Christians.

Is it compulsory to get married?

One of them is about marriage . I think only Koran among several religious commandments in the world categorically emphasizes on marriage as mandatory for every eligible human being . Therefore I believe that marriage is mandatory to all eligible human beings to live peacefully and happily.

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Is registration compulsory for Hindu marriage?

Under the Hindu law registration is not compulsory until and unless the state makes it compulsory . The procedure will be same as under Special Marriage Act only the number of witness changes from three to two. Marriage under Muslim law is a contract and hence registration is the basic essential for validating Nikah.

What if Hindu marriage is not registered?

1. The marriage has been solemnized according to Hindu rituals. The fact that it has not been registered does not affect the validity of the marriage . If the spouses do not wish to continue the marriage then they may file for mutual consent divorce after drawing up the consent terms.

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