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Often asked: Aws Certification Cost In India?

Types of AWS Certification Exams and AWS Certification Cost

Serial No AWS Certification Type Cost (₹)
1 AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner INR 7,600.00
2 AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate INR 11,400.00
3 AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate INR 11,400.00
4 AWS Certified Developer-Associate INR 11,400.00

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AWS Certification costs ₹10,700 in India. Also, the duration of this AWS Solutions Architect Associate exam is 130 minutes. What are the AWS job opportunities in India? According to PayScale, a cloud solutions architect in India earn approximately Rs.15, 61,422 annually.

How much does AWS certification cost in India?

for INR 61,000 plus tax*

Cloud Wizard Consulting will refund INR 9,000 if the candidate passes the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Certification within 90 days of initial payment.

How much does AWS certification cost?

How much does an AWS Certification exam cost? The Cloud Practitioner exam is 100 USD. Associate-level exams are 150 USD. Professional-level and Specialty exams are 300 USD.

Is AWS certification worth it in India?

Even if you’re not looking for a new job right now, it can help you improve your performance at your current one, get a promotion or a pay rise. If you have some industry knowledge and experience, getting certified by a reliable and successful industry leader such as AWS is an excellent way to advance your career.

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Is AWS certification free?

The AWS Learning Library offers free access to video courses that help you prepare for your AWS Exam. In the AWS learning library, check the box “Free Digital Learning” and search for “Exam Readiness”. After selecting your course, you’ll be ask to register your account to access the content.

Can AWS certification get job?

Students often ask me if gaining a certification like the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate is enough to get them a job. The short answer is that an AWS certification alone will not get you a job.

Is AWS certification difficult?

The Final Verdict: Yeah, They’re All Tough

Every AWS certification level can be tough. These certifications hold a lot of value in the market. Holding any of them validates a certain level of experience with the platform, which can be a big boost to your career.

Does AWS require coding?

No. Getting started with and learning AWS does not require any coding skills, many basic tasks can be performed without coding. However dependent on the job / skills you have (or need) you may still be required to learn some programming skills.

Can I take AWS exam at home?

For additional convenience and flexibility, you can now take all AWS Certification exams from the comfort of your home or any private space with online proctoring. All you need is a reliable internet connection, a webcam, and a quiet, private place to test.

Is AWS easy to learn?

Learning AWS can be quick an easy and can take as little as a few days up to a few months. But, the exact time it’ll take you to learn AWS depends on your past experience. Okay, so that gives you a rough idea of how long you can expect to learn AWS.

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Is AWS a good career?

Yes, AWS is a good career option for a fresher. In cloud computing, AWS has been on top for almost 6 years now and they are not going to loose their market soon so, AWS is a good option.

Is Python good for AWS?

Python and Javascript are the two most supported by the most services, but if you are learning I would recommend python because its a much more enjoyable language to learn. there can be more to learn beyond that, but Python will get you well started. i switched from C to Python about the time i encountered AWS.

Which is better CCNA or AWS?

AWS is surely better as that’s most widely used technology. CCNA is specific to Cisco and only networking. The CCNA might interest you more based on your background, but AWS is hot and the future.

Where do I start AWS?

The best place to start as a complete beginner is with the Cloud Practitioner exam. The Cloud Practitioner exam is going to give you a solid basis in AWS.

How do I start a AWS career?

Here’s a list of AWS Certifications that will help you in moving forward on the AWS career path.

  1. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner.
  2. AWS Certified Developer—Associate.
  3. AWS Certified SysOps Administrator—Associate.
  4. AWS Certified Solutions Architect—Associate.
  5. AWS Certified DevOps Engineer—Professional.

How can I learn AWS for free?

Top 10 Free Resources To Learn AWS

  1. 1| Free AWS Digital Training And New Cloud Practitioner Certification.
  2. 2| AWS Fundamentals Specialisation.
  3. 3| Amazon Web Services – Learning and Implementing AWS Solution.
  4. 4| AWS: Getting Started with Cloud Security.
  5. 5| AWS for Startups – Deploying with AWS Tutorial.
  6. 6| AWS Tutorial: Introduction to Cloud Computing.
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