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Often asked: Digital india initiatives?

The Digitize India scheme includes plans to connect rural areas with high-speed internet networks and improve digital literacy.


  • Aadhar Enabled Payment System (AEPS)
  • BPO Scheme.
  • Digidhan Abhiyaan.
  • MyGov.
  • National Mission on Education using ICT.
  • North East BPO Promotion Scheme (NEBPS)
  • NREGA – Soft.
  • OpenForge.

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Digital India initiative is an extended and transformed version of e-Governance project which is in place since mid-1990s. Various e-Governance projects all over the country encompassing all the government departments have not been able to bring about desired results.

What is Digital India campaign list its 4 main initiatives?

DIGITAL INDIA : Celebrating 4 Years of Digital Empowerment Broadband Highways. Universal Access to Mobile Connectivity. Public Internet Access Programme. E-Governance. E-Kranti (Electronic Delivery of Services) Information for All. Electronic Manufacturing. IT for Jobs.

How can I contribute to digital India?

5 simple ways in which YOU can help India go Digital ! Embrace JAM. JAM stands for Jan Dhan, Aadhar and Mobile, a trio which can fulfil the dream of Maximum Governance. Seed Aadhaar into everything. Open your own DigiLocker. Participate in governance. Spread awareness.

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What are the 9 pillars of Digital India?

Nine pillars of Digital India Broadband Highways. Universal Access to Mobile Connectivity. Public Internet Access Programme. e-Governance: Reforming Government through Technology. e-Kranti – Electronic Delivery of Services. Information for All. Electronics Manufacturing . IT for Jobs.

What is the main purpose of Digital India?

Digital India aims to provide the much needed thrust to the nine pillars of growth areas, namely Broadband Highways, Universal Access to Mobile Connectivity, Public Internet Access Programme, e-Governance: Reforming Government through Technology, e-Kranti – Electronic Delivery of Services, Information for All,

What are the challenges of digital India?

There are many roadblocks in the way of its successful implementation like digital illiteracy ,poor infrastructure , low internet speed, lack of coordination among various departments, issue pertaining to taxation etc . These challenges need to be addressed in order to realize the full potential of this programme.

How far digital India is successful?

It is estimated that India’s digital economy has the potential to become a 1 Trillion USD ecosystem by 2025.

Who is the father of Digital India?

Sam Pitroda

Sam Pitroda(son of a carpenter)
Born 4 May 1942 Titlagarh, Odisha, India
Nationality Indian
Alma mater Maharaja Sayajirao University IIT
Occupation Telecom Engineer, entrepreneur

Is Digital India successful?

The success of the Digital India Program The significant push agriculture has obtained major newsprint. But, funding 2018 has also climbed the feasibility of the Digital India program to Rs 3,073 crore having a clear focus on accelerating the speed of digitization procedure in the nation.

How Digital India help students?

Digital India is a concept to change the education system in India . It is a program that bridges the literacy slippage. This is by delivering education through digital platforms to children and teachers. It gives an opportunity to access learning sources to a global platform.

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What is the logo of Digital India?

Titled “Infinity”, the ICEGOV2017 motif is designed intricately with three concentric infinity loops, representing an evolving relationship between India and its citizens, highlighting the countless opportunities created by new and emerging technologies.

What is the future of digital India?

The road to 5G and transformational technology While the BharatNet project aims at connecting 250,000 Gram Panchayats in the next few years, the Government of India has also set specific digital goals to be achieved by 2022.

What is Digital India Vision?

The vision of Digital India programme is to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy.

What are benefits of digital India?

Other Advantages Include Creation of Digital Infrastructure and Electronic Manufacturing in Native India. Digital Empowerment of Native Indian People. Delivery of all Government Services electronically (E-Governance). A Digital Identification which will verify the end user. A Mobile for worldwide access to all services.

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