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Often asked: India citizenship bill?

What is the new Citizenship Amendment Bill in India?

The Citizenship ( Amendment ) Bill seeks to provide Indian nationality to six communities — Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Parsis, Jains and Buddhists fleeing persecution from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.

What is Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019?

The Parliament has passed the Citizenship ( Amendment ) Bill (CAB), 2019 . The Bill seeks to grant Indian Citizenship to persons belonging to Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Parsi and Christian communities who have migrated to India after facing persecution on grounds of religion in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.

What is NRC bill in India?

The National Register of Citizens ( NRC ) is a register of all Indian citizens whose creation is mandated by the 2003 amendment of the Citizenship Act , 1955. Its purpose is to document all the legal citizens of India so that the illegal immigrants can be identified and deported.

What is the NRC bill?

NRC means the National Register of Citizens. NRC is a list of Assam’s residents – prepared to identify bonafide residents and deport illegal migrants in the northeastern state bordering Bangladesh.

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Why is CAA bad?

CAA violates Constitutional secular principles and is a violation of Articles 13, 14, 15, 16 and 21 which guarantee the right to equality, equality before the law and non-discriminatory treatment by the Indian State. There is no way for a Muslim who is declared an ‘illegal migrant’ to get citizenship in India.

What is NRC CAA?

The Citizenship Amendment Act ( CAA ) 2019, when viewed in combination with the Modi government’s intention to compile a National Register of Citizens ( NRC ) for India, will create a situation where being a Muslim and document-less could deprive one of citizenship rights.

What is CAA in Assam?

Intensifying the fight against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act ( CAA ) in poll-bound Assam , the Congress has set a target of collecting 50 lakh ‘gamosas’ to be displayed at the proposed memorial for people killed during the anti- CAA movement in December. “We are building an anti- CAA memorial in Guwahati . 4 дня назад

What is CAA full form?

The Citizenship Amendment Act (Bill) protests, also known as CAA Protest or CAB Protest, occurred after the Citizenship Amendment Act ( CAA ) was enacted by the Government of India on 12 December 2019.

What are the main points of CAA?

The Citizenship Amendment Act ( CAA ), 2019 has been passed by the Lok Sabha on 9 December 2019. The purpose of this bill is to give Indian citizenship to illegal migrants of 6 communities i.e. Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Christian, Parsi, and Jain) belong to Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

Is Aadhar card enough for NRC?

NEW DELHI: Top government officials on Friday clarified that Aadhaar , voter ID card and passport are not citizenship documents. A top government official said that it was “pre-mature” to talk about NRC but added that documents like voter ID, Aadhaar and passport do not prove citizenship.

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Who is Indian citizen NRC?

Anyone born on or after July 1, 1987 but before the commencement of the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2003 and either of whose parents is an Indian citizen at the time of his birth is an Indian citizen.

What is proof of citizenship in India?

The details of one of the parents’ place of birth and date of birth are relevant for proving the citizenship of a person, who is born in India after July 1, 1987. In the case of a person born after December 3, 2004, the birth details of both the parents are relevant for citizenship .

How can I prove my citizenship NRC in India?

The government has said that birth certificates are ‘acceptable’ as proof of the date and place of birth in relation to the National Register of Citizens ( NRC ), among a list of other documents which is “likely to include” voter cards, passport, Aadhaar, licenses, insurance papers, school-leaving certificates and

Is NRC only for Assam?

The National Register of Citizens ( NRC ) is a register containing names of all genuine Indian citizens. At present, only Assam has such a register. The exercise may be extended to other states as well.

What is NPR NRC and CAA?

The idea of having NRC , NPR & CAA in our country was to maintain a register or have a track of the actual population of the country and to give citizenship to ‘persecuted minorities’ from neighbouring countries. To India the value of the National Citizens’ Register ( NRC ) is central.

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