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Often asked: Petroleum Minister Of India?

Shri Hardeep S Puri, Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Minister of Housing and Urban Affairs.2 sep. 2021

Who is the current petroleum minister of India?

Dharmendra Pradhan (born 26 June 1969) is the Cabinet Minister for Petroleum & Natural Gas and Steel in the Government of India. On 31 May 2019, Shri Pradhan began his second consecutive tenure at the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas becoming the first such incumbent in the history of independent India.

Who is the coal and petroleum minister of India?

The Ministry of Coal is an Indian government ministry headquartered in New Delhi. The portfolio is held by Cabinet Minister Pralhad Joshi.

Ministry of Coal.

Agency overview
Annual budget ₹770.91 crore (US$110 million) (2018-19 est.)
Minister responsible Pralhad Joshi, Cabinet Minister

How do I contact the petroleum minister?


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Name and Designation (Shri/Smt.) OFFICE PHONE Intercom
AJAY KUMAR, PS TO MINISTER 23382426,23386120 198
JITENDRA ASATI, OSD TO MINISTER 23382426,23386120 110
SATYABRATA PADHY, PPS 23382426 23386120 111

How do I complain to petroleum ministry?

Grievances can be addressed to @MoPNG_eSeva on twitter and to MoPNG-e-Seva on Facebook. The ministry of petroleum and natural gas has launched a dedicated grievances redress platform on social media for all queries and grievances relating to Oil and Gas sector.

Who is the new petroleum minister?

Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas

Agency overview
Jurisdiction Republic of India
Annual budget ₹42,901 crore (US$6.0 billion) (2020-21 est.)
Agency executive Dharmendra Pradhan, Cabinet Minister

How can I invest in petroleum?

Investors can speculate on the price of oil directly by trading in oil derivatives or the USO exchange traded product, which tracks the price of WTI crude. Investors can also play the oil markets in a more indirect manner by investing in oil drillers and oil services companies, or ETFs that specialize in these sectors.

Who is the coal minister of India 2020?

Shri Pralhad Joshi takes charge as new Minister of Coal.

How many refineries are there in India?

India has 18 public sector refineries and five refineries in the private sector/or as a joint venture, the largest refineries being RIL Jamnagar (Gujarat), NEL Vadinar (Gujarat) and IOC Panipat (Haryana).

How many coal mines are there in India?

CIL is the largest coal producing company in the world. It produced 536.51 MT (million tonne) coal during FY2015-16. Coal India operates through 83 mining areas in 8 states in India. As on 1 April 2015, it has 430 coal mines out of which 175 are open cast, 227 are underground and 28 are mixed mines.

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Why is petroleum called black gold?

The Petroleum is called black gold because when the crude oil is extracted from the soil below, it is black in colour. Petroleum is very expensive like gold. Comparing its high value with gold in terms of properties and moneywise; it is regarded as black gold. Many components of crude oil have commercial importance.

Which is the largest petroleum refinery in India?

Reliance Jamnagar Refinery, India

Jamnagar refinery is the world’s largest oil refinery with an aggregate capacity of 1.24 million barrels per day (bpd). The refinery complex is located at Jamnagar in Gujarat, India. It is owned and operated by Reliance Industries.

Where is the petroleum found in India?

In India, oil is found in Assam, Gujarat, Mumbai High and in the river basins of Godavari and Krishna. transformed the dead organisms into petroleum and natural gas.

Which state is the largest producer of petroleum in India?

Assam is the highest gas producing state with production of 8.3 MMSMCD.

Who is welfare minister?

Dr Harsh Vardhan, Hon’ble Union Minister of Health & Family Welfare and Shri Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’ Hon’ble Union Minister of Human Resource Development at the National Workshop on School Health and Wellness Ambassador Initiative under Ayushman Bharat on 12th February 2020 in New Delhi.

Which state has huge deposits of petroleum in India?

Reserves. As of 31 March 2019, India had estimated crude oil reserves of 618.95 million tonnes (MT), increasing by 4.1% from the previous year. The largest reserves are found in the Western Offshore (Mumbai High, Krishna-Godavari Basin) (40%), and Assam (27%).

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