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Often asked: Top 100 news website in india?

Which is the best news website in India?

Top sites ranking for News And Media in India

Rank Website Category SimilarWeb website categorization
1 News and Media
2 News and Media
3 News and Media
4 News and Media

Which type of websites are most visited in India?

Top 100 Websites in India

Rank Domain Name Monthly Visits
1 1022M
2 619M
3 470M
4 208M

Which is the best world news?

These apps do their best to bring you objective news articles to read for free. The Associated Press. The Associated Press was founded in 1846. Wall Street Journal. Wall Street Journal is well known for reporting the news as it is. Reuters. BBC .

What is the best source for breaking news?

USA News Websites CNN – Breaking News , Latest News and Videos. The New York Times. The Huffington Post. Fox News | Breaking News Updates | Latest News Headlines. USA TODAY. Reuters » U.S. News . POLITICO. Yahoo News » Latest News & Headlines. 4 дня назад

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Which is the No 1 newspaper in India?

List of newspapers and circulation figures

S.No Newspaper June – December (2019)
1 Dainik Jagran 6,866,070
2 Dainik Bhaskar 5,242,900
3 The Times of India 2,880,144
4 Malayala Manorama 2,308,612

What are the 10 most popular websites?

The Top Global Websites

Rank Website Monthly Visitors
1 92.5B
2 34.6B
3 25.5B
4 6.6B

What are the 3 types of websites?

Here are the 8 different types of websites : Homepages. — The homepage is your site’s main hub and serves as the face of a brand. Magazine websites . — E-commerce websites . — Blogs. — Portfolio websites . — Landing pages. — Social media websites . — Directory and contact pages. —

Which is the biggest website?


Site Domain Alexa top 50 global sites (As of February 8, 2021)
Google Search 1 ( )
YouTube 2 ( )
Tmall 3 ( )
Baidu 4 ( )

Which type of websites are most visited?

10 Most Popular Types of Websites 1 E-commerce. An E-commerce website is an online shop where people can order goods and make payments from the comfort of their own homes. 2 Blogs and Personal. 3 Informational. 4 Online Community. 5 Photo Sharing. 6 Resume. 7 Portfolio. 8 Catalogue and Brochure.

What is the biggest news company?

More videos on YouTube AT&T. Top news/information brands: CNN, Bleacher Report. Fox Corporation. Top news/information brands: Fox News , Fox Business, Fox Television Stations. Hearst Communications. Discovery Inc. Relx. Bloomberg. 17. News Corp . Spotify.

Which is the best international newspaper?

Top Foreign Newspapers to Look Into The Guardian (England/U.K.) The Economist (England/U.K.) China Daily (China) The Times of India (India) Le Monde (France) Corriere della Sera (Italy) Globe and Mail (Canada) Asharq Al-Awsat (Saudi Arabia)

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Which country has the most newspapers?

India now has the world’s largest number of paid newspapers, and the number continues to grow, from 5,767 in 2013 to 7,871 in 2015.

How can I get free news?

We’ve rounded up the best seven news apps for Android and iPhone you should try. 7 Top News Apps for Free : Google News , Flipboard, Feedly, and Google News . Image Gallery (2 Images) Microsoft News . Image Gallery (2 Images) Flipboard. Image Gallery (2 Images) News360. Feedly. Apple News (iOS Only) SmartNews.

Where can I get free news?

All of these news apps are free to download on Android and Apple devices, although some have premium, paid versions available. Apple News . Google News . The Week. Flipboard. SmartNews. News360. Knewz. 8. News Break.

Where can I read newspapers online for free?

Websites that are free to use include the Library of Congress Archives and Free Newspaper Archives. Local libraries also offer online resources to view archived newspapers . Contact your local library or visit the library website to search for resources.

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