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Passport application india?

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The official website of the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, for applying Passport services is Alternatively, applicants may also use the official mobile App mPassport Seva which can be downloaded from Android and iOS application stores. © This is the official website of PSP Division

What are the documents required for passport in India?

Documents required for a fresh passport Photo passbook of running bank account in any public sector bank, private sector bank and regional rural banks. A voter ID card . Aadhaar card . Electricity bill. Rent agreement . Driving license. PAN card. Landline or postpaid mobile bill .

How can I apply for passport in India?

To apply for fresh or reissue of passport via Online Form Submission, users need to register on Passport Seva Portal. After registering, login to the Passport Seva Portal. Click on Apply for Fresh Passport or Reissue of Passport link. Fill in the required details in the form and submit.

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What is the website for applying passport?

The official website of the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, for applying Passport services is

What is the fees for passport in India?

Sr. No. Service Required Application Fee
1 Fresh Passport /Re-issue of Passport including additional booklet due to exhaustion of visa pages (36 pages) of 10 years validity. Rs.1,500/-*
2 Fresh Passport /Re-issue of Passport including additional booklet due to exhaustion of visa pages (60 pages) of 10 years validity. Rs.2,000/-

Is 10th Marksheet compulsory for passport?

Two proof from below list. 4. Degree Certificate or 10th Mark sheet or 12th Mark sheet Compulsory .

Is Aadhaar card enough for passport?

You don’t need to carry a bunch of documents while applying for the passport . You can simply use your Aadhaar number to verify your identity and address. Aadhar card has made passport services quicker and easier and has reduced much dependence on various documents.

Is the government issuing passports?

Passport services are being temporarily suspended because of the pandemic. The U.S. State Department won’t be processing new passports and renewals except for emergency cases because of the coronavirus pandemic, the agency’s website said.

What are the new rules of passport?

New Passport Rules Passport’s last page will not include residential information. Change in colour of the passport . Parents name will not be printed. Physical police verification might change to online verification. Ordinary passport applicants can go for post-police verification. Substitute for Birth Certificate.

Is police verification required for passport?

A: You cannot obtain a passport without police verification . But, if you apply under the Tatkaal scheme or submit “Pension Payment Order”, passport can be issued on Post police verification basis (i.e. police verification would be done after the issuance of passport ).

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Is online passport application safe?

The Ministry of External Affairs on its website,, has warned citizens to be wary of fraudulent websites and mobile applications for passport applications . It is also advised by the government that citizens who are applying for any passport related services should not visit these sites.

How many days we can get passport?

While the standard timeline for receiving the normal passport is 30 days from the date of submitting the application, typically it takes two to three weeks to get a fresh passport or get your passport renewed. If applying for Tatkal, you can get a passport within one to three days .

How can I apply for passport offline?

Offline Passport Application Process Downloaded and printed (back to back, A4 paper) off the internet from the passport (PSP) website ( The form can be found on the websites home page as a link called Print Application Form. Bought at the abovementioned centres.

What is the current passport fee 2019?

I’m an adult (16 and older) and I’m applying for the first time

Product Form Application Fee
Passport Book DS-11 $110
Passport Card DS-11 $30
Passport Book & Card DS-11 $140

How much money does a passport cost?

New Passport (for adults age 16 and older): For a new adult passport book: $110 application fee and a $35 execution fee. The new total fee is $145 . Passport Cards (for adults age 16 and older): The application fee is $30 and the execution fee is $35 . The new total fee is $65.

How much does a passport cost?

Regular Passport Application Fee

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Type of passport 36 page booklet
New or fresh passport (10 year validity) Rs.1,500
Renewal/reissue of passport (10 year validity) Rs.1,500
Additional booklet in existing passport (10 year validity) Rs.1,500
Lost/stolen/damaged passport replacement Rs.3,000
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