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Quick Answer: Chennai india floods?

Large parts of Chennai and its suburbs are flooded The severe flooding in Chennai again proves that Indias cities are unprepared for extreme weather events like rains, droughts and cyclonic storms which are becoming more frequent and intense. Many parts of India suffer flooding every year during the annual monsoon rains from June to September.

Is there flood in Chennai?

They affected the Coromandel Coast region of the South Indian states of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. More than 500 people were killed and over 1.8 million (18 lakh) people were displaced. 2015 South India floods .

Submerged bridges in Chennai
Date 8 November 2015 – 14 December 2015
Location South India (Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Andhra Pradesh)

Will there be flood in Chennai 2020?

Published: Thursday 26 November 2020 The whole of Chennai remained in a shutdown mode as Cyclone Nivar made a late-night landfall near Puducherry November 25, 2020 . Ferocious wind and incessant rains cut through the city, causing flooding in several parts and in the outskirts.

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Which areas in Chennai are flooded?

On the 29th, Chennai recorded the highest amount of rainfall in 24 hours since November 2017, as called out by weather expert Pradeep John. FLOOD -PRONE AREAS IN CHENNAI .

Area Rain (in cm)
Redhills Lake 13
Chennai district 13
Alandur, Sholinganallur 8
Ambattur 9

Is rain possible in Chennai?

Chennai gets most of its annual rainfall from mid–October to mid–December. Over the years, the city has been depended on the annual rains in monsoon to replenish water reservoirs, as no major rivers flow through the area.

What is the name of the cyclone in Chennai 2015?

On December 12, Vardah weakened into a Severe Cyclonic Storm, before making landfall over the eastern coast of India, close to Chennai, Tamil Nadu , with winds of 65 mph (105 km/h).

Is there any chance of flood in Kerala 2020?

According to a latest report, there is a high possibility of Kerala facing an intense rainfall for a third consecutive year of catastrophic flooding . According to India Meteorological Department (IMD) predictions, there is a high probability (70 per cent) of 2020 monsoon rainfall being above normal to excess.

Will it flood in Kerala 2020?

On 7 August 2020 , due to heavy rainfall in the monsoon season, severe floods affected Kerala , India. The floods resulted in the death of at least 22 people. Kerala was also flooded in 2018 and 2019. 2020 Kerala floods .

Date 7 August 2020 -25 August 2020
Deaths 132+
Property damage 19,000 Crores

Who is weatherman Tamilnadu?

Pradeep John (பிரதீப் ஜான்), popularly known as the Tamil Nadu Weatherman , is an Indian amateur weather forecasting enthusiast and blogger from Tamil Nadu . He began blogging about weather and rainfall in 2008. In 2014, he started publishing on social media.

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Will Chennai sink in sea?

Bengaluru: Parts of Mumbai, Surat, Chennai and Kolkata will be either underwater or ravaged by recurring floods by 2050 as sea levels across the world will continue to rise with increasing carbon emissions.

How safe is Chennai?

Chennai is a relatively safe destination that experiences less crime than most other major Indian cities. The main problems are pick-pocketing and begging. Beggars specifically target foreigners and can be quite aggressive. Avoid giving any money because it will only attract them in swarms.

Which parts of India are prone to floods?

Distribution of flood prone areas EAST. Assam – Brahmaputra and Barak valleys. Manipur – central districts. Tripura – west. West Bengal – Duars, Hugli basin, areas adjoining Ganga and Damodar. Bihar – Ganga valley, Kosi valley. Orissa – central coastal districts, lower Mahanadi basin. Jharkhand – Damodar valley.

Which is the richest area in Chennai?

8 of the Poshest Localities of Chennai Boat Club. The Boat Club area is in Alwarpet and is one of the most expensive localities in Chennai . Poes Garden. Poes Garden is another top end locality of the city. East Coast Road. Commonly known as ECR, the area is built along the coast of Bay of Bengal. Nungambakkam. Velachery. Adyar. Gopalapuram. Besant Nagar.

Which is richest city in Tamilnadu?

Chennai is the capital city of Tamil Nadu and sits by the Bay of Bengal. Given its glorious history and its significance as Madras Presidency during the British rule, Chennai is historically and culturally rich and diverse, attracting tourism in turn.

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Is Chennai expensive?

1. Is Chennai Expensive ? A city being expensive depends on many factors like the cost of living and the standard of living. When compared to other big metropolitan cities, Chennai turns out to be more affordable in terms of accommodation expenses, entertainment expenses, and transportation expenses.

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