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Quick Answer: Dtdc tracking india?

How can I track my Dtdc parcel?

To Track your Shipment Type ‘ TRACK Consignment Number’ and send SMS to 9230092300 (Example: TRACK B22399923). To Check pin-code, Type ‘PIN Pin Code’ and send SMS to 9230092300 (Example: PIN 700019). To Check Serviceable City, Type ‘CITY City Name’ and send SMS to 9230092300 (Example: CITY Agra).

How can I check my courier status?

Professional Courier Track Status Go to the official website, In the ‘ Track N Trace’ section on the homepage, enter the consignment / reference number in the input form and click the Track button. All the details such as current package location, delivery status , dates, e.t.c. will be displayed.

How can I track my AWB number?

Follow these instructions to track the order status. Get the Waybill / AWB number or the reference number from the receipt. If you have the Waybill or AWB number , select the first button. After selecting click on the Track status button. The current status of your courier or parcel will be displayed.

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What happens if Dtdc Courier is not delivered?

Visit Your Nearest DTDC Courier Office With The Tracking Number And Ask About It. Sometimes They Mark It As Delivered And Then It Deliver It Later On Or In Next 2-3 Days.

How long does Dtdc delivery take?

Your Courier Will be Delivery to Your Destination in Minimum 3 Days and Maximum 7 Days. For Local Delivery it is one or Two Day.

Does Dtdc deliver on Sunday?

Prime Time Plus Sunday : ensures all types of consignment pick up on the Saturday before 06:00 PM and delivery on Sunday , and is available for select pin-codes across the country.

How can I track a courier without a tracking number?

If you don’t have access to a tracking number you can track your shipments online by the reference number assigned to your shipment. You can also use FedEx InSight® to track packages without a tracking number . FedEx InSight® is a value-added service that can provide eligible customers with a new level of visibility.

Is Dtdc and Bluedart same?

Bluedart and DTDC are India’s biggest courier service companies. Both companies provide the facility to send the consignments to domestic and international locations. One can track the shipment status online at bluedart website. DTDC is an affordable courier service which is reachable to everyone.

How do I track my shipment?

How to track a USPS package using Navigate to Enter the USPS tracking number (to find it, simply look at the bottom of a shipping label) in the search bar; do not include any dashes or spaces. Click on “Check Status”. View the scan history and status information of your package .

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Can we track Dtdc courier by name?

Customer can track the shipment using DTDC Consignment No. or corresponding Reference No.

Is AWB the same as tracking number?

An Air Waybill is more commonly known as your FedEx shipping label or tracking number . It contains all of the package information as well as its barcoding and the 12 digit number used to track your shipment on its journey.

Who is the CEO of Dtdc?

Mr. Subhasish Chakraborty , Founder, Chairman and Managing Director of DTDC pioneered DTDC’s unique franchise-based business model that is not only the first of its kind in the Industry but also has been emulated overseas and studied as a business case by leading management institutes.

How safe is Dtdc Courier?

Your consignments are completely safe with DTDC .

How can I complain in Dtdc?

DTDC Customer Care : DTDC Customer Helpline Number: 080-25365032, 25365039. Email Support: [email protected] dtdc .com, [email protected] dtdc .com, [email protected] Delhi 011 – 3300 4444/ 0124 – 499560 / 61 68. Noida 0120 – 3082750 / 755 / 8287313087. DTDC – Kolkata. DTDC – Delhi (North Delhi) DTDC – Hyderabad. DTDC – Mumbai. DTDC – Bangalore. DTDC Social Network :

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